I don’t submit to just anyone.
I just don’t.
I’m strong, independent and stubborn.
But mostly stubborn.
I’ll dig my heels in.
I’ll take what is given to me
but I won’t submit.
I take it
because I want it.
Until I see that look.
Until I hear that tone.
Until I’m made to want to
On my knees
in my place
content to be
ordered to do what is wanted
by a masterful voice.
No choice.
I have to.
a searing hot need surges through
my veins
I can’t deny it.
It’s as inbuilt as my need
to breathe
Taking in the command
letting out obedience.
All I want
is to be
a good girl.
To be rewarded
to be praised
to be cherished
for pleasing
for doing it right.
basking in the light
of a pleased smile.
of the
who speaks to my soul.


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