Something Brave – Wax Play #SmutSunday

As part of Smut: Wax Play yesterday I read an excerpt from Something Brave, this is part of it.



“Felicity. I think of you before everything else. I confess, you’re the first thought in my mind when I wake and the last when I go to sleep at night. What do you think of that?”

Felicity stayed silent for a moment. What did she think of that? Momentarily, she was stunned.

“I can barely comprehend it, Sir. It boggles my mind. I think of you, Sir, all the time. Whatever I’m doing, wherever I am, I find things that remind me of you and I smile, and I like that, Sir. I hadn’t even thought that you could, that maybe you might think of me too.”

“Oh, I think of you all the time, Felicity. When I’m meant to be concentrating on  the figures, one…” She felt an explosion of heat just above her belly button a  second  after  he  paused, and she gasped and pulled in her stomach.

“Two.” Another drop landed a little higher, between her ribs, and she felt the two hot  impact spots melting together into a river of    warmth.

“Well, you get the idea.”

She heard the mirth in his voice. He was enjoying watching her squirm. Another drop of wax splashed between her breasts. The impact burned, and she writhed against her bonds. It wasn’t nice. It wasn’t pleasant, but the warmth and the condensing pull of the cooling wax was strangely sensual. She wanted more as much as she wanted it to stop.

“I think of you over breakfast, whenever I see a pretty item of jewelry, when I look out of my office window, when I touch my desk. I see you there, stretched out and eager for your spanking. I think about you when I pick up my briefcase, when I loosen my tie. All the time, Felicity.  You’re always  on  my mind.”

She heard a rasp, sensed movement beside her.

Had he put the candle down?

“I get overwhelmed by thoughts of you all the time.”

Another dribble landed at the top of her left breast and the drop turned into a stream that burned a trail down to just before her nipple. She clenched her teeth, expecting the burning to explode on her sensitive nub, but it didn’t. She relaxed.

“Another confession, Felicity. When I think of you, I get turned on.”

She stiffened again when the stream of molten liquid hit the top of the opposite breast. His voice came from the same place, so he must have been leaning right over her. The stream wiggled down her breast and once again stopped at the edge of her nipple. Her chest heaved. Each pull of breath crinkled the drying wax. Again, she heard the noise of a candle being replaced in its holder, maybe another being removed. She wished she could see. She wanted to look at the pattern on her body, the glint in her Master’s eye.

“Not just a little turned on, either. I can’t hide it. I think of you and I get this huge, fuck-off erection, which I have to take in hand.”

Felicity imagined him getting hard in a business meeting, surrounded by serious people, his erection hidden by the wood of the boardroom table. Her lips twitched into a smile.

“Oh, that amuses you, does it?” Sir mused.

Felicity couldn’t deny it so stayed quiet. An explosion of wax erupted on her stomach, a long, continuous pouring seared her skin, making her twitch and writhe and shout for relief. He stopped and she dragged in lungfuls of cold, air.

“I asked you a question, Felicity. Answer it!”

“Sorry, Sir. I wasn’t sure you wanted an answer, Sir.” Her words tripped over themselves in a hurry to get out and right the wrong she’d unconsciously committed. “I was a little amused, yes, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir. It’s not really funny, is it?”

“No, it’s not. It’s very serious. I’m an important businessman, a very busy man. I don’t have the time to wank away the delicious thoughts of you, three, four times a day.”

Felicity’s eyes widened behind the mask. He masturbated how many times a day because of her? Her cheeks heated at the thought. He laughed.

“Blushing, Felicity? You’re tied up and at my mercy, and the mention of me thinking about you and touching my dick makes you blush? How sweet.”

She heard the crinkle of the sheet, a dip to the mattress, then she felt the touch of his skin against hers.

His lips brushed hers and she pushed back eagerly as he deepened the kiss, pressing hard down on top of her. All she could feel, all she was aware of was their connection until the knot at the side of her head loosened and he pulled off the blindfold. She squeezed her eyes closed against the intensity of light as her Master moved away from her again.

“I thought you might like to see my artwork,” he casually quipped. She blinked and squinted to get used to the sunlight once more.

“I think it’s looking quite good. What do you think?”

She arched her neck to gaze along her body. There were drips of red up her stomach, a streak of green zig-zagged round the red spots. Streaks of blue highlighted both her breasts.

“It’s looking good, Sir,” she responded. It did look good—felt good too, dried on her skin. “I don’t think it’s quite finished yet, though,” Sir pondered.

He held his chin in one hand, assessing her and his handiwork. Her nipples tightened, her stomach rolled and her clit tingled under his gaze.

“I like the minimalist look,” she squeaked. “You can easily over do a piece of artwork, you know.”

As much as the sensation of the drying wax was quite enjoyable, the intense burn of the impact was uncomfortable. Yes, it had led to a burst of endorphins and a pleasant buzz of euphoria, but she really would prefer to get fucked, if she was honest with herself.

Sir laughed and shook his head.

“Oh, Felicity, you have a lot to learn my sweet, sweet sub. You don’t tell me what to do, my love—especially when you forget to call me Sir.”

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