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I’m totally taken by my new release that’s currently available exclusively at  Totally Bound .  There are lots of snogs in Something Brave of varying kinds and intensity. Today’s is hot…and not what you might classically expect.


Blushing, shy Felicity does something incredibly brave and submits to a man she only knows as Sir, but will his demands push her beyond her limits?

Felicity attends the local burlesque fair just to sell her Quietly Cute jewelry. A handsome stranger offers to spank her, and she surprises herself by submitting. Sir makes her choose the implement he will use to take her spanking virginity—and uses it to great effect.

She finds herself becoming the sexy, self-made billionaire’s sub who is punished with bondage, forced into exhibitionism, hot wax and other delicious tortures. Felicity submits willingly, getting braver with every interaction. But when Samuel offers her the means to establish her business and pulls her out of the poverty she lives in, she snaps, seeing it as an insult to her pride and possibly even a payment for her sexual services.

Can Samuel convince her otherwise, or will she walk out of his life forever?

General Release Date: 17th November 2015


She curled her fingers into fists and dropped her hands to her side. It took a few moments to build up the courage to take down her knickers, but when she looked into his eyes, she saw his impatience growing and knew she couldn’t delay any longer. Hooking her fingers into the soft material, she then drew them down her thighs, bending forward and letting her breasts swing free as she pushed her knickers low enough for gravity to take over. She straightened, and her pendulous breasts swung and jiggled before settling back to their natural position.

“Look at me,” he commanded.

Felicity stared intently at her toes as if there were something infinitely entertaining down there, then she raised her chin  reluctantly.

“You are breathtakingly beautiful.” He framed each word carefully, running them through his lips as if he was savoring a fine vintage. She smiled, the hesitant curve strengthening as she saw the way his tongue lapped over his top lip and he shifted in his seat. He was definitely affected by her nakedness.

“Come here.” He beckoned her forward.

She stepped once, twice, three times then stopped. She noticed the crop lying on top of the desk as she flitted her gaze around her.

“Closer,” he bid.

She stepped once more until her bare legs were almost touching his trousered knees. “Now, unfasten my  shirt  for me.”

He purred the request, and she raised her hands to obey. She couldn’t quite reach to unbutton his collar, but when her legs knocked his, he parted his thighs around her, allowing her to step closer and reach him. Her fingers shook as she pulled open one button and the next, revealing his chest, smattered gently with black hairs that tickled her fingertips. She moved lower, bending her back to get down to the bottom button and free it too.

Felicity straightened and went to step back, but he raised his hands and grabbed her hips, stopping her while sending a jolt of electric desire through her whole body. She stood stock- still, very aware that his gaze naturally rested somewhere just around the level of her breasts. Her nipples prickled. He leaned forward, purposefully took one between his lips and sucked. Felicity gasped and automatically pushed her chest out to put more of her breast into contact with his mouth, but he stopped sucking immediately, letting the nipple go with a pop.

“Oh, your body is such a wicked distraction, Felicity,” he gasped. “But I have a job to do.

I have to spank you and test out my new crop. Turn to face the desk.”

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