Snogs with Santa on the 9th Day of Blissemas!

It’s Sunday Snog time but this week it’s a special festive Blisse Kiss, so pucker up folks because it’s time for Snogs with Santa!

Snogs with Santa

There is a Grand prize with today’s event of three print books!Night School for Scandal by Angela Meadows, Dark Garden by Eden Bradley and The Perfect Submissive by Kay Jaybee. So make sure to comment on all the snog blogs today to be entered to win. I’ll announce the winner on the 1st January! What a lovely way to start the new year!

I’m sharing a sizzling snog from my story ‘A Seasonal Victorian Spanking’ which features in Xcite’s festive anthology called Santa’s Hot Secrets!

Have yourself a sexy little Christmas with these twenty stories where you are likely to find something a lot more exciting than an orange in your stocking.

Santa hands out all sorts of sexy surprises. These stories focus on lustful liaisons – who is really coming down that chimney? – sex in the snow and Christmas parties where anything goes.

For a really naughty Noel, this anthology would make the perfect present for that extra special sexy someone in your life.

Santa's hot secrets.

‘And now for the cane.I want you to count each impact and thank me for it.’

‘Yes, sir.’

He leaned to the side, holding me in place as he picked up the whippy piece of birch from beside my head.

‘Brace yourself.’

Nothing could prepare me for the harsh, focused sting that was the cane whipping my flesh.

‘One,’ I squeaked through my pain. ‘Thank you, sir.’

As two and three followed, I managed to squeal out the number and thanks. The fourth, however, hit in such a way as to cause me exquisite pain and bring tears to my eyes.

‘Say it,’ Edward whispered, gently rubbing my back.

‘You’re doing so well. Almost done, darling. Say it.’

His tenderness melted my heart and I managed to groan out.

‘Four, thank you, sir.’

The fifth hit was torturous and glorious. It fucking hurt but it was the last beat.

‘Five, thank you, sir,’ I gasped.

‘Good girl.’ Edward gently stroked my arse. ‘You took that well.’

My buttocks stung but I was so proud of myself. I’d taken it. I had been a good girl for Mr Butterworth.

‘Now, good girls deserve a reward. Stand up.’

I got unsteadily back to my feet and Edward wrapped himself around me and crushed his lips to mine in a ferocious kiss.

‘I’ve wanted to do that for so long,’ he gasped as his long fingers worked at the buttons on the back of my dress, ‘and to have you over my knee in this dress, Fuck, Lucy. It was a dream come true.’

‘It’s all for you,’ I said as he nuzzled kisses on my neck between the criss-cross of deep red gems. ‘I dressed like this just for you.’

‘I love it,’ he moaned. ‘But now I want you out of it.’

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