Travel Delight is a new short story from me and is due to be released in October. You will be able to get hold of it from Total-E-Bound but for now here is the blurb and a hot little excerpt to whet your appetite.

One Hot Summer’s day he became her Travel Delight.

When Janet met Guy her whole corporate and predictable world crumbled. The exciting young American whisked her away on a summer holiday that she would never forget, an expedition to find her sexual self.

They started in York where they discovered the delights of the Minster and their exhibitionist lusts. In London they visited the Queen and found the secret delights hidden in the Shadows of Hyde Park. And in Paris, the City of Lovers, Janet made the most important decision of her life. Should she stay with Guy and discover more of her adventurous nature or should she return to the career she had worked so hard to build?

The most important decisions in life are always the most difficult to make.

Here’s an excerpt:

“So, what changed your mind?” He asked and slipped into the seat beside her, trapping Janet between the window and his lithe body.

“I need an adventure.” She replied, “And you made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.”
“Yeah, I do that.” He laughed and Janet noted the redness of his cheek as he did and this sign of softness melted her heart.

“Did you enjoy Manchester?” She asked him as she settled into the journey.
“Sure, it was a cool town and I met this gorgeous woman, too.”

“Oh yeah,” Janet laughed, her smile lighting her eyes, “What was she like?”
“Well,” he leaned in close,” between you and me, she was hot. I totally wanted to fuck her.”

“Oh,” she was flustered by the audacity of the revelation and his mouth so close to her skin.
She didn’t have much experience with men, but she was pretty sure that Guy and his direct approach was unusual. He wanted her as much as she wanted him. This was utter madness, yet her heart wasn’t beating faster with fear, it was arousal that it pumped around her body.

Even through the icy blasts of air conditioning the sunlight through the window warmed her skin as the urban streets and buildings began to melt away and craggy hills and green fields dominated the view.

“The view is amazing.” Guy’s voice broke into her thoughts and she looked from the window towards him. It became apparent that he had been looking at her, not the view out of the window and as their gazes met and melded, Janet’s arousal took over her body and she pressed her lips to his.

They were hot and hard but they gave way like soft butter as the pressure from her lips built. His hand cupped her face, gently holding her in place, subtly taking charge. Their lips parted for a moment and she drew breath, a moment of panic hitting as her sensible side exerted itself. She had just kissed a stranger, and passionately at that. But before she could pull away from his touch or think things out further his lips had captured hers again and his tongue was begging entrance to her mouth.


Look out for more information soon.