Smutting up the Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fair!



Last weekend was certainly a busy one with Club Lash on the Friday Night (read my write up ‘The Education of Ms Blisse” ) and then the Alternative and Burlesque fair the next day. Now team Smut have been regular attendees of the Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fair for over a year. Our first was December 2013 but for some unknown reason I’ve never blogged about it before. *slaps my own bottom* Naughty Victoria. So it’s kinda ironic that I decide to post a write up about the very last fair to be held at Sound Control. The next fair will be at The Ritz (over the road from Oxford St train Station in Manchester) on the 11th July.


So team Smut turned up a little bleary-eyed but definitely bushy tailed and set up the stall with lots of delights. We had a selection of books (not a copy of 50 shades to be seen) Massage candles, smutty badges, little pots ‘o’ love and the world famous Erotic Tombola to set out.



With thanks to Uber Kinky, Nice N Naughty, Dark Rose Desires, Cara Sutra, Bondara, Soft Paris and Segzi for their generous donations! We also got a lovely tickler donated by FireHobbit Creations, the stall behind us too.Oh, the pretties! The Erotic tombola works like those ones you can’t resist at all the church and school fairs. You pay for your tickets, pick them out of a box and if your number has a zero or a five on the end – you’re a winner!  And at the Valentine’s event we completely sold out of the Erotic Tombola before the end of the day -wow!


Mr Blisse looks like he’s trying out the Happy Ride in this picture! Oooooo er! 

It’s always a fun event, lots of familiar faces including several members of the Brit Babes Street team , the wonderful Sister Jacqui and the gorgeous and always lucky Matt S  who I actually met for the first time at the Christmas Alt & burlesque fair. He did win again, though didn’t quite wipe us out like last time!


It was a long but fun day. Me and Mr Blisse had a great time. I got to sign a few of my books, which I always enjoy doing and we gave out lots of our ‘I love smut badges’ which we always get a thrill out of seeing in the wild! As exhibitors we don’t really get chance to go and look round all the other stalls but as a visitor you’ll have plenty to browse and look at! There’s a great mix of items from sex toys and kinky gear to pretty jewellery, corsets and hats.

It’s definitely worth checking out. And if you’re not near Manchester, never fear there’s loads of other locations including Gasgow, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol and Sheffield.  Well worth checking out as it’s not just a shopping experience. There’s space to be social and chat and there’s lots of great shows too. Down in the cellar of sin at Sound Control we get to see all the great pole dancing shows -wow, is it impressive! I’m looking forward to seeing the burlesque ones too at The Ritz as all performances will be on the big main stage where as at Sound control they were split between 2 floors.

So Team Smut are ready and raring to go for the next Manchester fair on the 11th July, hopefully we’ll see you there!




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