Autumn is here and I’m very excited to announce that our next smut event is happening online so all our worldwide friends can join in without moving an inch.


Smutober is brand new month long challenge to create something (a story, photo, painting etc)  smutty every single day. Anyone can join in, it’s totally free and all the daily prompts are available now so you can get prepared and pre-schedule your posts. You can come over every day and check out all the creativity of others too, you don’t have to join in actively you can sit back and read/view the creativity and maybe win a prize or two. But even if you’ve never done anything like this before you’re welcome to join in with your own creative offerings too. This promotion is suitable for beginners as well as established smutsters!


Do I have to join in every day?

No, you can dip in and join in as many days as you like. Pick out the prompts that particularly call to you or try and think of something for everyone, it’s up to you. We are just aiming to add a little extra smutty inspiration into the month of October.


Do I have to create something brand new?

Original flash fiction and poetry (up to 1000 words) is encouraged but if you have something you made earlier (a story excerpt, a photo or painting) that really fits the prompt then you’re very welcome to use it.


Is this just for authors?

No way! Smutober is for creatives of all kinds. You can join in with stories, poems, real life experiences, photos, paintings, sculptures, cross stitch…absolutely anything creative and smutty fits the bill.


Where can I find the prompts?

Check out to see all the prompts, if you want the images to use on your blog then you can find them all on the  Link to Us page.


How do I sign up?

When you go to Smutober click through on the day you want to join in with and fill in the linky list. Please note, this needs to be the direct to the post on the day. Not just the general link to your blog/website. Please set all posts to go live on the specific date though (so set a post to go live on the 1st October if you’re joining in with the love prompt) , it’s okay that the links will be dead until the day itself.


Do posts have to be exclusive?

Nope, we’re happy for you to use your posts for our Smutober promotion and any others at the same time.  For example, you could use our prompt for a photo and use it for Sinful Sunday too.


Can I advertise on the page?

Yep, the button ads in the side bar are available for £20 and will go live as soon as you send payment and your preferred image to us. Simply email me with your interest or fill in the form on the advertising page and we’ll get back to you.  We’re also looking for an overall sponsor too and at £150 it’s a bargain. All advertising and sponsorship is on a first come, first served basis. When it’s gone it’s gone!


Can I offer a prize?

There is no requirement to do so but if you want to run a competition on your blog for any of the days you join in you’re perfectly welcome to do so but you have complete responsibility for it.

We are looking for spot prizes for each day too. If you have something you’d like to offer (books, gift certificates, promo items etc)  fill in the spot prizes form or drop me a line. You will get a link on the day you’re offering a prize, so it’s a fab way to get your name/product out to the Smut fans joining in!


If you have any more questions check out our What is it? Page or send me an email to  I hope to see you getting smutty in Smutober with us!