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Are you ready for another snog from Tender ? I’ve got ten stories to snog through, we’re not done yet!


Victoria Blisse has collected together ten stories of bondage, dominance and pleasurable pain to celebrate ten years as a published author.

This diverse mixture of tiny, teasing tales filled with sexy doms and their dedicated submissives showcases her unique style and her favourite genre: BDSM.

Enjoy a lap dance, a naked suit fitting and a bit of floral bondage. Experience punishments with crops, canes, floggers, hands and even a spatula in locations as diverse as a locker room and at the bottom of the stairs. Discover the fun of ball gags, sherbet lemons, secret collars and tape measures. Be swept away by the lust of these alpha males and their treasured subs.

There is something for all tastes, with kinks in all flavours for you to sample. Feast on this anthology of decadent delights by the one and only Queen of Smut.


I’ve given you the beginning of my story ‘Slave Queen’ there is a real kiss in here but also an artistic kiss – can you work out what I mean by that?

Once upon a time there was a handsome young knight. He didn’t know that he was so fair, but his dark hair and shining bright eyes had won him the attention of the queen.

The queen was known for her kindness and often diffused her king’s wicked temper, that was why she was beloved of the people. She smiled much and was slow to anger. The perfect match for her easily enflamed husband.

One glorious summer’s day the handsome young knight rode back into town, stopping only to stable and care for his horses before appearing before the king and his wife. She tried desperately not to show her pleasure at seeing him, he had been away on his quest for seven moons and she had worried that he might have been killed. She nonchalantly picked up a delicate and ornately decorated fan to waft and hide her reddening cheeks behind.

“So, Sir Knight, did you slay the dragon?” asked the king.

“I found the dragon your majesty, but I did not slay the beast—”

“What?” The king blustered an interruption. “That was not what I ordered! Summon the executioner!”

“Now, dear,” his wife interjected with a smile, “let the knight finish what he was going to say before jumping to such action.” The king smiled at his lady wife, whom he loved with all his heart and nodded at the knight to carry on.

Despite the king’s scowl the brave defender continued. “The dragon was quite poorly, you majesty, after eating a sacrificial herd of cows that had been poisoned. She could barely lift her head off the hoard of gold she lay on.”

“So why is it not dead, sir?” The king growled.

“Because she begged for leniency in return for her protection for your realm and half her golden hoard. I would not slay a vulnerable beast, so I showed mercy. I gave her the potion of healing I always carry with me and accepted her offer.” The knight bowed and awaited the response.

“You bargained with a dragon? What kind of idiot—” The queen cut off her husband’s words with the touch of her hand.

“Let us see the treasure.” She commanded. As the brave knight directed servants into the hall carrying gold and rubies and fine silks and chests overflowing with delights, the king’s anger dissipated

“I give my findings to you, Oh wise and wonderful lord.” He said, looking directly at the queen. “And I found something extra special for your beautiful wife.” The queen’s heart skipped a beat as she watched his fair hands open and plunge into one of the many chests brought into the royal presence. He brought forth a hoop of golden stemmed roses, tightly bound and delicately wound into a necklace. “May I have the honour of presenting my gift directly to the queen?” He asked, the king relented, his earlier anger assuaged with the treasure before him.

The knight stepped up onto the dais and to the side of the queen. “If I may approach,” he asked, “I would fasten this beauteous chain about your fair neck though your regal beauty would fade even this finest of treasures.”

She nodded, cheeks flaring with lust as he delicately unlatched then lay the necklace in place, his fingers gently brushing the nape of her neck. “My sweet rose.” He whispered, so only she could hear, “I told you I would find the perfect collar for you.”

The queen felt her whole body tighten with need as the cold metal encircled her throat. Her fair knight had marked her his slave with a golden band of rubied roses that only she knew the significance of. Her safe word for use in situations beyond her control was agreed as ‘red rose’.

“Quite stunning, wife,” the king said as he leant over and affectionately kissed her. “I must find space for this new acquisition of wealth in our treasure room. Will you pardon my absence for a while?” The queen nodded and the king dismissed the court. Before the handsome knight moved off the dais she gave the arranged sign, a signal only her Master knew to meet her as soon as he was able.

I loved writing this story, it’s very different to my usual style. Tender is full of unique little stories and is available at Amazon now for just 99p/99c.

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