Six Sunday Snogs.

Kisses are brilliant and here’s six of my favourites for you to enjoy!

“Surprise was the gentlest of emotions Hermione felt as his lips planted themselves upon hers. A whole sea of emotion rolled over her as she felt lust, shock, outrage and passion all at once transmitted across their bridged lips. She found herself reacting and pressed her lips back against him, gently caressing his plump soft folds with hers. She clamped her fingers around the thick material of his shirt, pulling him against her before she realised fully what her body was doing. She was ignited like a bush fire. Dizzy, she was unable to stop burning.” Artistic Sights, Heavenly Delights.
“Before I knew it, Sexual Susan had taken over. She didn’t care if it was a dream; she was going to make the most of it.

My lips met his in an explosion of passion. Our lips squashed together as our arms encircled each other, pulling our bodies together, roughly. I felt his fingers at my zip then was faintly aware of the rough sound of it unzipping and the feel of his fingers against my bare skin. My tongue dived between his lips, found his and playfully poked it into a passionate riposte.

I was in a daze, in a dream, in one of the many fantasies I had created around this man. His hands grasped at my dress and pulled down, encouraging me to move my arms and aid him in the removal of this barrier between us. The beautiful velvet pooled around my waist and I felt his hands fiddling with my bra clasp. My hands were busy too, untying his tie, unbuttoning the front of his shirt and reaching in to feel the soft warmth of his chest, the smattering of hair tickling my finger tips.

“Our mouths were still locked, our kisses still fevered as we battled with each other’s clothes. I felt the bra give and his hands were suddenly there, cupping my dropping breasts, squeezing and tweaking them, making me groan and gasp. Our lips parted, I needed to gulp in air, and I felt light-headed with sexual frenzy and lust. I watched his chest rising and falling rapidly then I set about removing his jacket and shirt completely after pulling free of the loose bra draped over my shoulders.” Till the End.

” He reached out and ran a hand down my naked arm. I shivered. “You’re beautiful, “he murmured then leant in to kiss me. The moment his lips impacted on mine I exploded inside. My mind was a whir of questions but my body ignored them and responded singularly to the heat in his kiss and then as abruptly as it started his lips were snatched from mine.

“Emma,” he snapped, “as beautiful as you are you should not be masturbating on my time. I do not pay you to sit around my living room wanking.”

“No, Sir, I know , Sir,” I babbled, “I don’t know what came over me and I’ll just go and see if my dress is okay to go in the dryer and I’ll keep out of your way-”

“Emma, shut up” He snapped and I obeyed, “you’re not going anywhere until you accept your punishment for being so naughty.” Dirty Deeds from Uniform Behaviour.

“I kissed him then. Up until that moment I’d been determined to give him a quick snuggle and a kiss and to send him back off to his dad’s place so we could both get some sleep before the big day. His declaration touched me and I kissed him. That was my mistake because once his lips were on mine all sane thought and common sense went out of the window. I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and pulled him against me. I wanted him, this wonderful man who’d done so much to make me happy.

I was overwhelmed by how much good John brought to my life. Tears decorated my cheeks because the joy I felt was just too huge to contain.

‘Hey now, no more tears,’ he whispered and wiped them away with his thumbs. ‘We’re done with those.’ ‘Happy tears,’ I sniffed, unable to articulate anything approaching a whole sentence. ‘Oh, OK, I’ll let you off then.’ ‘I’d prefer you get me off!’ I winked and he chuckled throatily, a sexy sound that sent a surge of lust from my fingertips to my toes.” Getting Hitched.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispers. His lips brush hers and her mind goes blank. His lips are so tender and soft, his tongue is gentle in its explorations and tasting of the strong coffee he just drank.

It takes a few moments for Carrie to focus away from the explosion of pleasure dancing across her lips and to realise that Jamie’s fingers have undone all the buttons on her work blouse. She tries to pull away from his kiss as panic flares, but he holds her more firmly, his kiss deepening as he mistakes her struggles for a heightening of lust. The thing is, as soon as the kiss became rougher, she finds her lust exploding in the pit of her pelvis and through her whole body.” Reluctant Muse

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“I held my breath.

He looked at my lips, and I darted my tongue out instinctively to wet the dried flesh that I had suddenly become intensely aware of.

It was just like my favourite moment from any Bollywood film. Time slowed, colours intensified and I noticed the ice shock of his blue corneas against the jet black, widened pools of lust that were his pupils.

I could hear the softened, romantic music. It might have been real or imagined, I wasn’t sure, but everything in the background faded away, and it became as if Rahul and I were the only people in all the world.

The moment his lips touched mine, I felt as if I had been switched on. Turned on, certainly, but I was also fully functioning. Every little brush of his lips on mine registered in every last, little nerve. Every movement excited me. I realised I had been left on standby since I had been dumped by Danny, my body just going through the motions. Rahul’s kiss brought me back to life.”