Sinful Sunday: Stripes

I’ve been absent from Sinful Sunday for quite a while. I’ve been absent from kink for that time too. My Dad died on the 16th October (it was unexpected) and I’ve been dealing with that grief. I’ve had no inclination for kink whatsoever, even at the kink events we attend with the tombola.


That changed today at Kage. I got hit by some very fun hitty things and was introduced to a certain evil bastard of a rather innocent looking stick that striped my boobies. It hurt like a fucker.

I loved it.



So it might only be a slow start but I’m ready to get back to kink.


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Sinful Sunday

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  • Sorry about your Dad and I hope you are getting lots of love and support. Glad to see you back here though – I love your happy smiling photos and your enthusiastic words. This is a great shot. Xx

  • Dear Victoria,

    I was just thinking the other day that I hadn’t heard anything from you or gotten any newsletters for a long time. I was about to shoot you an email asking how you were. I’m so, so sorry to hear your sad news. Give yourself time and space to grieve and don’t worry about us greedy fans… although in fact I do believe that kink can be healing.

    xxoo to you and Kev,

  • So sorry to hear about your dad and so know what you are going through. Also I understand how being in the moment with hitty things and sticks (not to mention those who might use such implements) could help just a little. Sending you good thoughts xxx

  • very sorry to hear about your dad – a parent passing is extremely difficult to deal with. This photo is just gorgeous. The red against your pale skin – beautiful …

  • Oh Victoria I am so sad to hear about your Dad. That is horrible at the best of times when it is out of the blue it is even worse I think. I am glad you starting to find your kink again though, I will admit that I have missed you on Sinful Sunday the last few weeks


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