Showing off my makeover.

It’s fresh, it’s classy and it’s shades of gold, yellow and cream…

No, I’m not talking about my face, I’m talking about my living room and my kitchen which I have spent the last 2 weeks clearing, cleaning and decorating.

I didn’t take any before photos, I was too embarassed to do so. But just imagine a tired room stuffed to the gills with ‘stuff’ and cobwebs in the corner and there you’ve got my living room. The Kitchen was about the same with slightly less stuff…but only slightly less.

So round one was emptying all said stuff from the rooms (You don’t want to know what my bedroom looks like right now) and cleaning down ready for the decorating. That in itself was quite some task. Roll on Last Sunday and Roll up my Mum, decorator extraordinaire. We rolled up our sleeves and got to it. Even Boo helped painting the living room walls a right, soft cream colour while mum painted the ceiling white. It was a long day of painting but by the end we had 2 coats of paint on the wall and it looked good.


Monday was the kitchen’s turn in the spotlight. Primrose Yellow on 3 of the walls, soft cream on the other. We even got the stair well painted and a microwave bracket up…it was up wrong and couldn’t be used but it was up!

Believe it or not, after a day of painting and shifting and moving I went to Zumba in the evening. Yeah, I am mad.

It all started to come together on the Tuesday. Mum wallpapered and we waited with bated breath for the arrival of Dauphine and Hoover. Hoover is my new wasdher dryer and Dauphine is my American style Fridge…she’s a Daewoo (hence the name) and I lurve her.


Isn’t she pretty? She was a bugger to get in the house, though. Hats off to Stuart and Paul, the two Curry’s delivery people who got the beautiful beast into my Kitchen! And here’s hoover, mid wash too. I’m keeping him busy.


So by this point we’ve got paint on the walls, I’ve made a blind for the living room,


the wall paper is up, the microwave bracket is up properly and we’re starting to move things back into the room.


Wednesday morning added the new curtain pole and curtains, the cork boards and big pic of Boo on the back wall and an attempt at wall mounting a CD rack which didn’t happen as the whole wall was riddled with electric wires.


So by Mid afternoon Wednesday the decorating was called done, though really, the process was only just beginning. I made a blind for my kitchen window:


it’s nothing complicated but if fulfills my needs and it has an owl on it and I love owls. I learnt how to use the applique stitch on my sewing machine whilst doing it, too!

And I’ve made a wall hanging for the bottom of stairs. Meet High-five Henry. He’s there so that when we swing around the bottom of the stairs and place our grubby mitts on the wall the wall will not get dirty, Henry will and I can then put him in the washing machine and clean him!


Here’s the Chimney Breast wall in the living room. The flower bouquet is the one I had at my wedding 12 (nearly) years ago.


And this is my shelf of Nick nacks (Oh look another owl!)


I’m starting to bring everything together, although I still have more storage to buy and more stuff to replace. But it’s looking good!


Here’s my darling daughter enjoying the new room. In this one you can see the funky new light shade, too. It comes into it’s own at night when we have it lit!


It’s been hard work but definitely worth it. I quite like DIY, do you?