Show us your Fridge.

It’s funny where blog inspiration hits. I had just taken out a plastic tub full of Morrocan lentil soup from the fridge for my lunch when the magnets displayed there caught my eye and I wondered what other people’s fridges look like.

So, I’ve eaten my lentil soup (lunch) and I’ve taken some photos of my fridge and some close ups of a few of my favourite magnets to share with you. I hope you will share photos of your fridges with me or at least describe them to me in the comments. Are they sparkly and clean? As blank as the day you bought it or dotted with magnets? I want to know, I’m nosey like that.

So this is my fridge:


And looking at that I can tell it’s time for a wipe down! Aren’t you amazed by how dirty hands actually are? That white fridge seems to stay clean for only a matter of minutes at a time. *L*

And here are a few of my favourite fridge highlights!


Our fire alarm is too sensitive, no really it is. I’m not *that* bad of a cook. The forever friend bears are magnetic representations of the husband and I. He’s the bear with the mug of tea and I’m the bear with the rose. So now you know!

We tend to pick up magnets on holiday and here’s one from the best place on earth:



Another magnet picked up on holiday. I brought this home for my husband from my trip to Disneyland Paris in August. The photo in the frame is from when we went to Llandudno for a day out.


And lastly, even my fridge loves a bit of Blisse!


So now, tell me about your fridge, post photos or paint a picture with your words. I’m curious. You could even blog about it, if you do, send me a link so I can check it out!

Maybe next week I’ll show you the contents of my fridge!