So, I knew my friends were plotting something but I had no idea what. Which is a miracle, as Kev really struggles to keep a secret. As it was, I found out on Saturday at my kinky birthday party.

A large, rectangular present wrapped in heart covered wrapping paper appeared on the table with explicit instructions not to open it until I was told. When folks were gathered, Little Snowflake told me who had clubbed together to buy me this particular gift. I was touched that a dozen good friends all got their heads together to buy me something!

I know Little Snowflake said some lovely, sweet things but I don’t remember them. I blame my birthday beating for that one. I eagerly ripped into the paper, and uncovered a Big sparkly ‘D’ from that moment I knew what I had – so I squealed with excitement. Once I got the box open I found it was even more exciting that I thought.

I didn’t just have a Doxy Diecast, I had a Purple, sparkly Doxy diecast!


There was much oohing and ahhing and thanking and smiling. I plugged it in, so people could feel the power. We got a chain of 4 people holding each other before the vibrations couldn’t be felt. Impressive huh?

So, the Doxy got left out for folks to admire and I skipped off into the dungeon with a bunch of meanies. I got beaten. I got very beaten. It was brilliant.  I’ve written about that bit already but as I was recovering in the social room, wrapped up snuggly surrounded by lovely people, a conversation about my doxy started and it ended with the suggestion I think of all the people when I used it. They’re all sexy beasts, so that’s not a problem. I can do that.  However, it took a turn as those around me started to pull big goofy grins whilst holding both thumbs up. I couldn’t stop laughing. The idea of imaging them all pulling that face and giving me the thumbs up as I orgasm was completely hilarious.

Roll on to Monday and I’m having photos of my marks and I suggest to Kev he could run the Doxy over my bruises. Yep, It’s a favourite thing of mine. We took some videos too, as a thank you to the kind, kinky folk who’d bought me the present.

Starting out on the boobs, I squealed and wiggled and moaned. I love the deep down pain of the bruised flesh shaking and moving.  There’s only so much I could take though. So we moved on to my thighs.  Now, the position of the Doxy produced more pleasure with the pain. Although it wasn’t aimed at my vulva and clit, I could still feel the vibrations there. So I was getting sexy pleasure and mean pain pleasure all at the same time.

Until Kev pressed the head of the doxy hard against the darkest bruises. That then just hurt like a bitch. But because I’m freaky, I enjoyed that too.  Finally we moved to the butt. I think that was my favourite as there were so many bruises, in so many places that all hurt so very much. I was wiggling my booty around a lot. I was overwhelmed each time Kev ran the doxy over the big, central bruise. The one where Animal broke me. So of course, he took especially gleeful pleasure in leaving the Doxy in that spot. Meanie.

Of course, after all the bruise caressing I was in the mood for an orgasm. So I used the Doxy for pure, orgasmic pleasure. Such power, such intensity, such focus. It didn’t take me long to come and come hard. But right there, in the midst of orgasmic pleasure, the image of my friends, smiling goofily and giving me the thumbs up got stuck in my mind and I had to laugh.

I just hope that doesn’t happen every time I use it.

But yes, shades of purple are my favourite. Bluey-purple and purpley-black bruises and the sparkly purple doxy. I love’em all!