Well here I am! Apologies for being quiet but it’s been a fairly hectic weekend and now I’m going to tell you all about it.

I went to London on Saturday. I started out in Manchester a 9am and ended up at London Victoria coach station at 3.30pm with a sore bum and achy legs!

I then had the pleasure of navigating across London on a tube system that has A LOT of maintainence work happening over the weekend. Instead of one change I ended up making two and one of those included darting from one side of Baker Street station to the other. At one point I was convinced I’d be darting round those corridors for weeks!

I finally made it to Portobello Road, though due to being on the phone to my husband I missed the shop when I first walked past. Which is amazing as it’s bright pink and purple! I was somewhat early so I had the great pleasure of wandering up and down the stalls of Portobello market. That was great fun, there was such a wonderful laid back atmosphere, I think it’s my favourite bit of London that I’ve experienced so far.

The first person I saw was the wonderful Lucy Felthouse. we Northern lasses had a good chat then caught up with KD Grace and Kay JayBee in the Sh! shop itself. You should all go and visit ladies, it’s pretty and friendly and full of all sorts of interesting things!

So eventually after a quick trip over the road to the pub we ended up gathering everyone together. We found the lovely and nervous Rebecca Bond as well as the glamourous Lexie Bay.

Back at Sh! we indulged in pink champagne and cakes with nipples…well, they looked like nipples. Though Lucy and I had the angel slices as we are, quite obviously, both little angels.

Hey, stop coughing in the back!

The room soon filled and it was time to bring on the entertainment. The sultry Kay JayBee started off the proceedings with a bang, well more of a spank really, but it certainly set the tone.

Rebecca was next and although she was very nervous she read beautifully! Naughty cops and robbers, lovely! Uniform Behaviour editor and all round good’un Lucy Felthouse shared a rather hunky waiter with us.

And then it was me, bringing up the rear. Here’s a picture that the lovely Kay took of me when I wasn’t in the pretty pink chair, here I look half way to human in the chair I look all crumpled up because the seat is so close to the floor!

I read an excerpt from Dirty Deeds which had everyone laughing, though I’m glad to say they went silent at the sexy bits!

After a break, Kay, Lucy and I did some more reading and we all ate more cakes, drank more and some folks played with the toys upstairs. There were some very lovely toys I have to say!

Sadly, I then had to go home. Lucy and her bloke God bless’em saw me personally back to the coach station via..well, tube stations I don’t remember the names of and I felt very safe with my bodyguards in tow! I got on my coach and I got home, finally at 4am.

It was a really long day but I had so much fun, it was really worth the travel time to meet some of the most entertaining ladies you’d ever wish to bump into!