Sexy Shower Sunday Snog from Really Cooking!




I’m Really Cooking today with a seriously sexy shower scene inspired by Matt’s Genesis of a Dominant Model post this week. I was wondering what was better than one hot, dominant man in a shower and I came up with the answer, two hot, dominant men in the shower!

Three hot men and one curvy woman, now we’re really cooking.

After breaking out of a truly awful relationship Paula finds herself floundering until she bumps into Gary. He cheers her up with a much coveted appointment at Flair, where more than her hair gets pampered. In return she offers Shane and Gary a cooking lesson to cheer up their ready-meal laden week.

The Friday feast turns into a sex laden success and becomes a recurring weekly date. Paula loves having the sexual attention of two hot bi guys but longs for something deeper.

Shane sets her up with professional chef, Nigel McCormack. Paula responds to his dominant appeal and the delights of all three men together. But how will Paula fair when she takes up a position in Nigel’s professional kitchen, will she capture his heart or will he return to his first love, food?

Really Cooking MED

Gary’s eyes flicked open and looked down into mine. His gaze traced over my features, taking in my open lips and my begging eyes. Then as his cock throbbed in my hand his eyelids fluttered closed, mere seconds later I tasted his cum as it splashed on my lips and tongue. I swallowed and licked my lips clean, relishing his musky flavour.

Strong hands helped me up from my knees and I am held tightly between two hard bodies. I was astounded when Gary kisses me, he noted my obvious surprise and when he finished taking my breath away he said, “I like the taste of cum, that’s another advantage to fucking a bi guy.”

“Or two,” Shane added and directed my face toward him with the pressure of his fingers on my cheek. He also kissed me, hard and in depth and my head was spinning when he let me up for air. I spluttered because I sucked in some of the shower water in my eagerness to breathe.

Shane and Gary smoothed their hands over my back and I smiled and nodded reassuring them that I was okay. It’s funny just how cherished a small action like that made me feel.

I was just about to suggest leaving the confines of the shower before we started to wrinkle when Gary and Shane simultaneously kissed my neck on either side. An instant zap of arousal nailed me to the spot and wiped all thoughts from my mind. Slowly their lips moved lower at a similar rate but over different terrain. Gary moved slightly and his kisses travelled down my front. He lingered over my breasts, lavishing attention on each of my nipples before kneeling and taking his kisses over my stomach to my pubis.

Shane retreated and his kisses slipped down my back, over my shoulder blades and followed my spine. He quickly reached my bum and his kisses lingered there as Gary licked the top of my thighs. I was surrounded by stimulation because where lips were not impacting water stimulated my skin.

I was lost in a world of sensation and did not resist as Gary pulled on my thigh and lifted it to rest on his shoulder. This opened up my cunt and I could feel his breath on my sticky lips. He only paused for a few seconds before his tongue snaked out and lapped at my clit. Seconds later his whole mouth was in contact with my pussy and I had to reach down and hold on to his head as the leg I stood on wobbled.

Shane’s hands rested on my hips and steadied me. His mouth travelled over my buttocks, licking, kissing and nibbling and his hands slipped down and onto my butt. He held me open as his tongue probed between my cheeks and I groaned when it hit my anus. Gary had slipped two fingers inside my pussy and I was very aware of them as Shane’s tongue dipped into my other hole. It felt deliciously naughty and I wanted it to last forever but as Gary’s tongue lashed over my clit with such arousing precision I found I couldn’t hold back any longer. I came. I shook and screamed as I clamped down on the fingers in my cunt and the tongue in my arse. Gary sucked greedily at my clit then dipped lower to lap up my juices. I was sure I’d never come so hard in all my life before.

Gary helped me lift my leg off his shoulder and Shane stood up and hugged me from behind. Gary embraced me from the front when he got to his feet and I became the filling of a very tasty sandwich indeed. “Well, that was the best shower I’ve ever had,” I gasped.

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