For a few months I’ve noticed an incredibly hot bearded human around and about at Kage. I’d exchanged a few words with him, the odd smile. But nothing more. Until the Halloween Kage where I have to say it was his big ol cleaver I noticed first – and that isn’t a euphemism- followed by the fact he was just wearing a butcher’s apron. And Oh, what a cute butt poked out at the back.

I admired his cleaver, chatted and punned and even flirted a little. I really wanted to ask him to hit me with that delightful heavy knife but you know, I have to reign my masochist in and get to know a person before I ask for play. Coincidentally my new friend Jess played with the mysterious hottie that very afternoon and I found out he was called Beast.  I very casually (or not at all casually actually) mentioned how I found the Beast and his cleaver very appealing and basically got Jess to do the whole ‘My friend fancies you’ thing. She’s a very good friend and I was informed Beast was very much interested in play with me. Huzzah.

And the very next month it happened. First of all it turns out I didn’t send him a fet friends request even thought I had. So telling him off for not adding me did not go well. For me. Him and Alex both definitely enjoyed seeing me on the back foot. Damn sadists.

I sat and chatted with him. About nothing and everything and it was wonderful. You know when you just click with someone? Yeah, that. It was after a chunk of chatter and some shenanigans with Jess and Alex that we decided to head off and find somewhere to play. We decided on the small room above the dungeon. Low ceilinged, but a little higher over the glass floor.

Yep. Glass floor. I’ve always been a bit freaked out by it. I’m not good with heights so the idea of being on top of something I can see right through is not an appealing one. So I started out by the door, away from the glass. We started to take out kit and do the whole show and tell thing. It was only at this point Beast and I actually confirmed that we were going to play. It was all very natural and I felt totally at ease.  Alex of course hit me with several things from my kit. He can’t help himself. He’s lucky I’m such a patient canvas really isn’t it?

When it became clear Alex had his eye on a play space downstairs, Beast and I started to negotiate in earnest. And I moved onto the glass floor.  I decided to be brave. I don’t know why. I just decided it was time and I was very pleased that the glass was cold and held well. Phew.  I let Beast know what I liked and where to hit. We discussed using the traffic light system but also that any kind of ‘no’ or ‘stop’ would mean exactly that.

Alex and Jess scooted off and I got naked. Lying down on the glass I was at first only aware how fucking cold my front suddenly was but after that I wondered what I must appear like from below. A blush of embarrassment flushed me and turned me on at the same time. Then a flogger hit my butt and my attention was brought back to what I was there for.

I love floggers. I love the sensual nature, the softness of the impact and how that can be changed with a flick. I love the warmth a flogging brings to the skin, the rhythm and the sway that soothes me. I was mewling and moaning happily within minutes and agreeing that he could flog my back too if he liked. He tried my flogger as well as his and I felt well and truly warmed up.

There were many implements used in my beating. Some made me yelp and squeal and others made me moan and groan. I was very noisy. And talky, as I usually am. Thing is, Beast would chat along, encouraging me to relax into what I was saying but then he’d hit me harder. I’d make some other noise and he would say “Go on then, finish your sentence.”

Smug bugger. Now challenging an author to finish her sentence means she will work as hard as she can to complete that thought vocally in full. No matter how hard the meanie hits her. How many times she has to break to take breath or how difficult it is to even think let alone articulate.

I battled on and won out, mostly. Well, when I say won out, I meant I got a fleeting feeling of accomplishment as I made it to the end of a simple sentence before being overwhelmed by pain and pleasure at the hand of a practised sadist.

A sadist always wins in the end. This I know.

And what a good sadist he proved to be. He had his favourite spots, the ones that made me cry out and whine the most, but he didn’t always hit those. He varied the tools he used, so I was never overwhelmed by one sensation. He gave me moments to catch my breath and other times he just wouldn’t let up.


I could see a world of things going on below me through the glass but mostly I didn’t. I wasn’t focused down there. A flash of Jess thrashing in pain or giggling, the draw of Alex and his mean face, something nasty in his hands. Wondering if they looked up and saw me. I suspect they too were lost in their own world to pay any attention.

It was Xavier that was the crescendo of our play. There had been a misunderstanding and Beast thought I didn’t want to be hit with it. Once I let him know I really wanted to be hit with it, he delivered. Such a sweetie. And the clanging, ringing strikes of my favourite paddle made for me by my sexy bestie and wielded by the incredibly sexy Beastie brought a smile to my lips and shuddering pleasure to my cunt.

We continued after that, with a few more things, lighter, more winding down toys until Alex and Jess rejoined us to have their own aftercare.

I sat up carefully and he smirked as I ouched and oohed. He beckoned me over and I snuggled into him. I don’t make a fuss of aftercare but I do love a good cuddle. I felt relaxed and floaty. Drifted in and out of the conversation, aware of his body so close to mine, his hands around me, my total nakedness. I had been totally naked the whole time but it was only as I was pressed closed to him that I felt my lack of clothes. Not as a negative thing per se. Just more of a wondering. What was he thinking about my nakedness? Would he like to be mutually naked with me at other times? You know, the kinds of things you ponder in the arms of a gorgeous meanie post beating.

You know it was a good scene when you’re already thinking about the next moments after it ends.

And oh boy, was it a good scene. Masochist V, satisfied.