Sex in the City Paris reviewed.

I’m afraid I haven’t been to Paris and reviewed the joys of Sex in the city of lovers but I have read an exciting anthology that strives to give you an insight into the sexier side of the city.

Anthology reading has its own special delight, it’s like sitting down with a bag of pick and mix sweets. You don’t really know what you’re going to get next and you will discover favourite flavours as you go through the bag and look forward to getting those ones again.

Sex in the City Paris, Edited by Maxim Jakubowski is a real mixed bag. You’ve got allsorts in between its covers and I am sure you will find stories in there which float your boat. The linking theme is, of course, the city of Paris but each story picks different areas of the city and each piece gives you a different impression of what many people consider to be the most romantic place in the world.

Each story is hot and sensual but like with my bag of pick and mix I have picked out a couple that are my very favourites. The Red Brassiere by Ella Regina is not only clever but entertainingly vivid and sensual too. It is flirty and light and then serious and passionate but it is a wonderful flight of fancy that carries you along with French abandonment from beginning to end.

Gargloyles and Sidewalk Café’s by Peter Baltensperger has a particularly artistic Parisian flair to it. Peter Baltensperger creates a very convincing artist named Jacqueline and her lusty adventures are both sensual and exotic and it is a story which could not be set anywhere else, it really does shout Paris with every written word.

Toni Sands story, Some Virgins Learn Quickly in theory, could have happened anywhere but in choosing Paris she has given it a very particular zest that adds to the excitement of the story. It is so detailed and descriptive that you feel you are there in Paris with Helen as she is seduced not only by the older Emile but by the city itself. It may well be a story that could sit in any town or city the world over but it is in Paris that it flourishes and becomes all the more arousing for its setting.

Not all the stories were particularly to my liking in this anthology, I have to be honest but I did find it to generally be an entertaining and erotic read. It is an adventure, where you’re not certain what might come next or who you will meet around the next corner but it will leave you with a desire to see Paris, to experience it and to be seduced in the city of lovers.