As part of the amazing Eroticon 2018  I ran a workshop designed to inspire authors and other shy creatures to have a go at sex blogging. It sounds kinda scary but it really isn’t. I used to post a lot of blog posts that looked exactly the same as the others I posted. All banging on about my books. Sharing the same info (cover, blurb, excerpt, links) over and over and over again. But that’s no fun for anyone to read!

The posts that get the most interaction are the ones that talk about me, what I do, what I enjoy and what inspires me. Essentially, it’s the sex blogging that gets the readers engaged in what I’m doing. And it’s not that hard to do. Promise.

In my workshop we came up with (at least) one idea each for a sex blog we could write. We thought of topics and titles that could be interesting and ways of sharing opinions without being confrontational. We then took some random photos that could be seen as sexy but without showing any intimate flesh.


It was a fun session and we came up with loads of exciting ideas. Blogs can be written from your characters point of view, you can write new sexy flash fiction to share. If you’re doing this check out Masturbation Monday join in community of sex bloggers there. Mondays and Wednesdays will never be the same again!

Photos can be a fun way to sex blog, and people are so visual when browsing the internet these days. I’d heartily recommend joining in with Sinful Sunday and I promise, you don’t have to get naked. You can take beautiful, sexy photos without getting your tits out. But if you wanna, go with that approach too ;)

So, here is the opportunity for all my shy creatures to share their sex blogs with the world! I am totally fascinated to see what you came up with.

And you know I like to be all inclusive here. So if you’re an author or a shy creature who needs a little inspiration to jointhe sex blogging world feel free to join in too! Here are a few random titles and photos that you can feel free to take and use as you want to.


Time after time

Paddling in the shallow end

Being kinky/weird

My lover/mistress

Getting sexy in the cold

What BDSM is to me/my book character

Images: (please take and use as many as you like!)

This may very well be the first of many shy creature round ups. Let me know if you’re interested in joining in. If there’s enough of us, I’ll make this a weekly occurance!