Spikey, stingy pain is my favourite. It’s direct, it’s intense and it turns me the hell on.

Want me to come and come hard? Tie me down, rope, cuffs, chains, whatever you want is fine by me. I love being restrained and I’ll get off by exciting you. Cold, hard chain can pinch my skin, scratchy rope can prickle. I’m happy when you make it hurt me.

Yes, so tie me down, naked all the rest is up to you. Face up, face down, whatever does it for you. Now show me what you’ve got. Lay out the tools on the duvet beside me or just wave each in front of my face. Let me see. Give me time to process, to crave, to wonder where your implement of spiked pain will go. Hit that cerebral hot spot and make me want.

Wartenberg wheel, use it. All over, soft and gentle, hard and deep, keep me guessing. One wheel or several, I love them all. Over nipples, inside thighs, that tender spot in the centre of my back or through the sticky juices coating my labia, trail it over my clit. I’ll whimper and moan and beg for more.

Don’t give it to me. Not yet.

I need more. Impact. Spiked paddle, mark my arse, make it bloom and bruise. Or pick up the meat tenderiser. It works wonderfully to work the knots out of my arse and leaves the most beautiful of marks, like pixels.

Vampire gloves, squeeze, cup, stroke and gently slap.

Repeat, change implements, repeat until I am filled with perforated passion and about to burst.

Fuck me, scratch me and watch me orgasm in waves, over and over and over.

That’s the way, dear sadist, to satisfy me. Seduce me with spikes.

© Victoria Blisse

Masturbation Monday