Dr Sketchy’s at Mantra in Wellington Mill, Manchester is always fun. In October things got spooky. From the moment we arrived in fact, my daughter disappeared off for a bit and when she came back she was a zombie!



And The host with the most, the loveable rogue Jay also seemed to have been zombified. I didn’t see Bea Noir all night, just some helpful nurse who must have had a terrible skin condition as she was covered in bandages.


Team Smut Set up our stall full of sexy, smutty goodies for people to peruse while all this monster mayhem was going on and I left Kev Blisse in charge as I was eager to get sketching.

It was an interesting and intrepid bunch of folks who gathered together just before halloween last month to be entertained and to sketch. Armed with paper and pencil I joined the fray with my zombied daughter and settled down to watch the first act.


A mummy burlesque. Yep, a woman all wrapped up in bandages ended up not wrapped up in very much. It was a fabulous act that kept me mesmerized. Now, are you ready? Here comes the first of my sketches, I know you’ve been waiting for it!


I added in an afterlife’s supply of loo roll for the competition sketch because of course a mummy’s gonna need that and keep it in her pyramid for the afterlife. What else would she possibly need?

Jynx Monster‘s act made me cringe, shut my eyes, stamp my feet and feel queasy. That girl is a health and safety nightmare. She sticks everything up her nose (including scissors and a drill..a moving, rotating drill!) and eats glass like it’s her favourite sweet. It was bloody brilliant but also scarily difficult to watch. Perfect for Halloween.



More Sketching fun with me adding in a special something for her head. My piece of paper said spider, I didn’t just draw this to creep out my spider hating hubby. Though I did attempt to make my spider a cute spider. Just to counteract the horror. I’m a sweet and spicy gal by nature, you know!



The night was topped off by the best nipple pasties I’ve seen to date. Pinup Candy was a voodoo queen, with more mojo than you could shake a stick at. A skull topped stick even. It was a fun, fast and flirty show that had the audience mesmerized.


This Thursday the 26th November sees an evening of Fantasy and Magic at Dr Sketchy’s. Come, join us. Sketch or just watch but I know you’ll have a really fun time. Tickets are £8 online or £10 on the door!