I saw a fun challenge on twitter from sex blog(of sorts), so I had to join in, this is the 300 (just under) word sex scene inspired by the above room.


CW: Humiliation



“Look,” She pulled my hair, lifting my head to look straight ahead.

“The clown’s covering his eyes, he can’t look at you. You’re such a dirty slut.”
I whimpered, flushing with humiliation and desire.

“But Jet is watching you. ”
I tried to turn my head to look right, towards the chair, the sofa and the door.
“No.” She commanded. “Look straight ahead.”

I hadn’t heard the door, didn’t even think there was another person in the room. Was she making it up?

“They’re staring at my hard cock as it slips so easily into your wet cunt. They’re admiring the cane marks on your arse and thighs.”

She dug her nails into my buttock and I screamed out as the pain shot through me, melding with the pleasure of her fucking me and turning into melting, wet pleasure.

“Oh, you like being watched don’t you, slut?”

I whimpered.

“That was a question.” She repeated, pulling harder on my hair and squeezing my butt at the same time.

“Yes, Miss.” I replied. So red, so embarrassed, so fucking turned on I thought I would burst.

“Mmm, I will remember that. There’s plenty of room for watchers on the balcony. Let them watch but only watch.”
As she whispered her dirty fantasy in my ear, I heard a familiar hum.

“Tie you opened wide on the day bed, so they can see you spread-eagled and vulnerable as I play with your cunt.”
The head of the Doxy pressed between my thighs, the moment it caressed my clit I screamed with the intense pleasure of it.

And my eyes flew wide with shock as I realised Miss still had her hands full with my hair and my arse.
I came, as my fantasy came true.


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