It’s weird how the mind works, isn’t it?

I was stood in a queue at the chemist. I was right at the head of it, I knew I’d be called up next but the person before me was taking their time so my mind was wandering. Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking about. I’m sure it was the usual mix of what I need to do next, what I have to do later and what I really need to not forget.

Then, out of nowhere, a memory hit me. I heard H calling my name at their moment of climax.


My body reacted viscerally, my heart raced, my cheeks flushed and my cunt flooded. It was at that very moment I was called forward to the desk.

God alone knows what I looked like, but it took me a moment to remember what the hell I was there to ask for. I managed to vocalise my request and took the time it took for them to find my prescription to gather myself.

I don’t know what that memory hit me right then. It hit all the harder because I’d forgotten about it. The last time I’d seen H it had been an intense whirlwind of a 24 hours and somewhere in amongst all that I’d forgotten something that had been an amazing experience. The kind of thing you don’t want to forget.

So thanks brain, for reminding me. But Jeez, could you pick your time a little better?

It was such a powerful moment though and it definitely deserves to be written about. Now I can sit down and fully enjoy the remembering.

We were snuggled naked in bed, entwined together and winding down together, preparing for sleep. We were talking about God only knows what but it led to an opportunity for blatant suggestiveness on my behalf.

““Well, yes, I am very wet. Am I wet now? Hell yeah, but generally too.”

And I’m happy to report H grabbed that suggestion with both hands and their mouth. H doesn’t do things by half.  They found that I was as wet as I said I was and took advantage of that, sliding fingers inside me and fucking me hard. With their mouth they found my nipple and sucked. Not just on that little nub, no, they sucked as much of my breast into their mouth as they could and I was crooning with happiness in response.

Surrendered to the sensations, completely absorbed in the pleasure they were giving me I was loud. Moaning, gasping and panting. I got even louder when H moved on to dig their teeth into the soft roundness of my underbelly.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed, the sharp, gripping pain of the bite blending and rolling with the thrusting pleasure of H’s finger fucking. I was lost in sensations.

“Oh fuck, oh God, fuck.” I babbled. I don’t know what made me so verbal. I tend to lose the ability to word when I’m with H but this time I just kept talking. I mean, none of it was particularly coherent. It was short sharp words and sentences expressing shock and joy to the rhythm of H finger fucking me.  A visceral hymn of worship and appreciation.

I shouted their name and once I said it that one time I repeated it over and over as my cunt clenched around H’s fingers. I was thanking them and revelling in the ecstasy they so generously gave me. The pain and the pleasure perfectly colliding.

They held their fingers up to my mouth and I eagerly licked and sucked my juices off them. Hot. Hotter still was them licking and sucking their fingers after me, moaning appreciatively as they did.

It was my turn to give them pleasure. I hummed and murmured my appreciation as I sucked their cock. Lavishing all my appreciation on them in pulsing licks and sucks, wanting to give them ecstasy like they’d given me.

They pulled me away and I sat back, straining in the dark to see their hand moving on their cock. Looking up to their face, eyes screwed shut, mouth open then closed tight, I could tell they were close.

“Victoria!” They said my name. It was filled with need, lust, desire. My cunt throbbed, I held my breath.

“Victoria!” This time, as they exclaimed my name they pressed my head down so I could drink down their cum. I did so eagerly, proud to hear my name on their lips as they orgasmed. Wanting them to know how much it meant to me to be the source of their pleasure and how much I enjoyed the sauce of their pleasure in fact. Sorry, but I can’t resist a pun. H understands.

Whenever they say my name now, I will remember what it sounds like when they exclaim it at the moment of climax.

Thanks for that gift, Kitty.