Saturday Spankings
Saturday Spankings time is here again and I’m bringing lots of lovely chocolate to the table this week with a snippet from my story Spiced Vanilla . I’ve not got any scary spankings for Halloween so I thought I’d exploit the sweet side of things.  I am wonderfully sweet you know!

Chocolate, cakes and domination, what more could a girl want?

Emma hadn’t stepped out of her flat in six months. When she did it was the smell of a local patisserie that lured her down the street. Every day she walked to Jacques to admire the cakes and enjoy their scent, then she discovered Jack.

Jack, the patisserie owner and baker is just the dominant, commanding man she wants, but can she learn to accept her submissive nature? Will she indulge her appetite for sexual spice and ignore her good girl guilt or will she resist the temptation and regret it forever?

spiced vanilla
And now, the chocolatey spank.

It was strangely erotic, the wood beneath my breasts and stomach, the chocolate smearing on my skin where it touched, and the action of lapping made several sexually explicit images leap to mind. I opened my eyes and looked straight ahead. Jack was there, kneeling or squatting so his face was level with the table edge, and he stared intently at my tongue.

I blushed yet kept on lapping up the delicious chocolate-slick before me. He caressed his lips with his tongue and I felt my pussy spasm with pleasure. What a slut I was.

“Keep licking,” he commanded and moved from sight, I wondered what he was up to. I continued the rhythmic licking, imagining it was his chest, his thigh, his cock, then I yelped in surprise as his hands grasped my hips.
He unzipped my skirt, and it dropped to the floor. I was about to protest, but he silenced me with one, sharp command.


I hissed as his hand contacted my butt with a heavy slap. I wished I had put on a different pair of knickers, the thong-back of these provided no protection for my buttocks at all.

“Hush, I said. I’m punishing you for making a mess.”

To read more of my story pick up Spiced Vanilla now and make sure you’ve got some chocolate to hand! Better not eat all your trick or treaters chocs though!