Saturday Spankings #satspanks Switching the Control

Saturday Spankings

So it’s Saturday Spankings time again.I had lots of fun last week and I’ve got lots more spanks to share. Today I’m taking a scene from my Office BDSM novella Switching the Control.

Take away the control and what do you have left? Desire.

Melissa is smart, confident and head strong. She has her dream career and is a step away from becoming a partner at Grimly and Vimes. Richard ruins her perfect plan when he uncovers a serious indiscretion in her past and forces her to be his office sex slave for a week in return for his silence.

But Melissa finds out that she enjoys being told what to do. She craves punishment and adores to be put in her place and Richard does it so perfectly. It was not in her plan to fall in love but how will she cope when it happens anyway?

Reader Advisory:This story contains black mail, forced acts of submission and elements of dubious consent.


And here’s my lines, I hope you enjoy them!

The first spank really did surprise me. There was nothing and then the air moved and an impact of flesh on flesh followed with a sharp sting that made me gasp. I didn’t have time to gather my thoughts or brace myself before the next slap shot through me then the next and the next.

It definitely hurt. Richard was not holding back and my buttocks stung. I yelped with each new impact and tensed every time he pulled back his hand. I hated it and I loved it. I certainly didn’t understand it. But, with each painful slap, pleasure surged through me and lit me up from the centre of my clit to the very tips of my fingers and toes.

Want more? Pick up Switching the Control here.