Saturday Spankings #satspanks from Naughty Rendezvous.

Saturday Spankings

So here’s a new thing for me, Saturday Spankings. It sounds like it’s right up my alley, so I thought I’d start with one of my classic spanking stories, and one of my favourite scenes. Here’s the blurb for Naughty Rendezvous.

First title in the Rendezvous trilogy, part of Xcite Books’ Ultimate Curves Rubenesque Range.

Joe likes to tease and single mum Leanna loves it too. When they meet up for their first official date, the sparks fly but who’s going to crack first? Will Joe’s intimate questions and kiss and run tactics bring Leanna to her knees or will Leanna’s curves, flashed in moments of exhibition drive Joe to rip off all her clothes and indulge his urges?

How will she react to Joe’s domination and will she be turned on by his spankings? She’s going to be a naughty girl, so she’s bound to find out.


And here’s my eight (ish) lines to give you a quick spank of what happens!

I know he is using the naughty word to turn me on. He knows from our online chat I love the way his voice curls around the word and makes it sound so sexy. Actually, his accent makes virtually any word sound sexy. God help me if I ever go to America; I’d be on the brink of orgasm all the time. Although I don’t know, there is a special purr in Joe’s specific tone that vibrates within me. I don’t think any other man’s voice could do the same.

‘Yes, sir.’ Suddenly the hard palm of his hand impacts on my right buttock. I yelp out in shock more than pain. A brief whoosh of cold air and SMACK!

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