Saturday Spankings

My Saturday Spanking offering is from The Festive Handbag, an eBook first released many moons ago with a lovely taste of Femdom in it.

She dominates while the turkey bakes. It’s a kinky Christmas.

A designer handbag is all she wants but he desires domination this Christmas. When Patrick breaks up from his girlfriend on Christmas eve he is faced with another Christmas spent all alone. But then he meets Kelly. She is curvy, confident and happily plays Mistress making Patrick’s Christmas dreams come true.

But will he be able to fulfil her kinky fantasy in return?

“God, you’ve got a lovely arse,” she growled then spanked one cheek with her bare hand. I slumped forward, banging my poor tortured cock against the table. Something thudded onto the table beside me, but before I had time to wonder what it was, more slaps rained down upon my exposed buttocks.

She wasn’t being gentle either. Each slap hurt. I was yelping like a hysterical puppy after a moment or two, and my bottom felt as if it was on fire, but my cock just throbbed with pleasure. I felt close to orgasm without touching myself, and although I begged her to stop, I kept my hands on the table above my head and silently urged her on. I needed to come.

Pick up The Festive Handbag for more seasonal spanking!

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