Saturday Spankings

My Saturday Spanking offering is from Wild Rendezvous which is the last book in my rendezvous trilogy and a bit of a blast from the past. This is one of my favourite spanking scenes and as there’s no 8 line rule today I’m giving you a big ‘ol tasty chunk to enjoy!

Wedding bells start to ring and as Leanna works single handedly to keep her family the strain starts to show. A rare break gives Joe the opportunity to arrange the wildest rendezvous of all. Where he dominates Leanna in the public park with an audience to witness her spanking.

But when Joe’s mother arrives a few days before the wedding Leanna soon learns why he came to the UK to get away from her. When Joe runs away again what can she do to get him back? Will Leanna’s dream wedding happen at all?


‘This,’ he says as he gently slaps one buttock, ‘is for ridiculing my taste in shirts and ties.’ He smacks me again a little harder, making more of a noise on impact. I gasp not just because it stings but in case the noise carries to someone’s ears beyond the bushes. I am worried but I trust Joe and the thrill of being caught; well, let’s just say it’s not exaggerated. There is a real surge of arousal when you know you’re doing something naughty that you could get in trouble for.

‘And this -’ another whack, harder this time, shakes my other arse cheek ‘ -is for bossing me around just then.

I am the boss, missy, do you understand?’
He slaps me again and I yelp my response.
‘Yes, sir!’

‘That’s what I like to hear.’ He cracks his hand over both buttocks. ‘The sound of your flesh warming up, your yelps and those words. All great sounds.’

‘I’m always glad to please you, sir.’ I grunt as his spanking continues. I glance to the left of me and bite down on my lip to prevent myself screaming out. That’s when I see him, the stranger.

He’s not that far away, just the other side of a sparse bush. He is a young guy and from the books scattered around him I guess he’s a student. He must notice that I’ve seen him because he waves his hands in front of him in some kind of surrender gesture.

‘Ow,’ I gasp, Joe spanks me again. I am reminded of where we are and what we’re doing and I wonder if I should tell Joe we’re being watched. Maybe I move my head or something but student dude lifts his narrow finger

to his plump lips and his eyes widen. He begs me to take mercy and not stop his show.

I’m pretty certain that the fact he’s hot contributes a lot to my decision to keep quiet. He’s obviously not dangerous; he’s not waving recording equipment at us or trying to call the police to arrest us. He’s just a geeky kid enjoying an eyeful of real, sexual activity. I can’t deny him this little pleasure and, truthfully, I don’t want to. I am enjoying performing for him.

‘Enough punishment for now.’ He purrs. ‘I think you’ve had enough. You’re going to be a good girl now, aren’t you?’

‘Yes, sir,’ I reply, never once taking my eye off my student observer. His hand fumbles around his fly as he keeps his gaze trained on me and, more specifically, my red, punished bottom.

‘OK, good girl, I’m going to give you a treat now. Damn, I really need to give you this treat.’

He pulls down on my buttocks, making me sink to my knees. I now know what kind of treat I am going to get and I lick my lips in anticipation.

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