Saturday Spanking – Switching the Control #satspanks

Saturday Spankings

So it’s Saturday Spankings time again. I got a great review for Switching the Control yesterday and it reminded me of this sexy spanking story.

“I would love to be in her shoes! This was a hot and sexy quick read by Victoria” Debi Hursh writes. Check out the Amazon page for more.

Take away the control and what do you have left? Desire.

Melissa is smart, confident and head strong. She has her dream career and is a step away from becoming a partner at Grimly and Vimes. Richard ruins her perfect plan when he uncovers a serious indiscretion in her past and forces her to be his office sex slave for a week in return for his silence.

But Melissa finds out that she enjoys being told what to do. She craves punishment and adores to be put in her place and Richard does it so perfectly. It was not in her plan to fall in love but how will she cope when it happens anyway?

Reader Advisory:This story contains black mail, forced acts of submission and elements of dubious consent.


So today’s snippet mentions spanking but is more a reacting to a spanking taking place than a spanking in itself.

I leapt into bed and scrambled around until I was under the duvet. I didn’t take off my clothes. I knew I didn’t need to. I just lay back, opened my thighs and pushed my fingers into the waistband of my knickers. I didn’t analyse it, didn’t think about it, I just knew I needed to come. The raw sting of my spanking had subsided but my buttocks still felt hot and tight and each time I rocked into my mattress the pain blossomed and it seemed to spur me on.

The orgasm exploded unexpectedly. I was surprised by the memory of his hand clapping down on my arse. I yelped, clenched and released. The tension drained from my body and I lay, staring into the darkness. I waited for my thoughts to quieten down.

If you want more power play check out Switching the Control Here.