There is something about a riding crop that is particularly sexy and this one has an extra pinch of colour that makes it pretty as well as threatening.  I was sent the rouge garments riding crop in pink from free of charge in return for my honest review.  I am a lucky duck aren’t I?

My crop was boxed up beautifully and delivered swiftly. Encased in bubble wrap and a strong box it was in perfect condition when it arrived. I couldn’t wait to have a play.

The crop is 25 inches long and has a soft, leather wrapped handle and a hard, plastic length. The end is a large folded over tongue of pink leather, two inches in width and 4 ½ inch in length, tapering where it attaches to the rod. It is well put together with a good flex.


Just to be completely thorough in my research (and no other reason) I got a couple of hot gents to hit me with the crop. I really do go the extra mile for these kind of things you know!

“Ooh, it makes a nice noise.” Matt said as he hit me in the middle of the Leeds Alternative and Burlesque Fair and the crack echoed around the hall. He was smirking. He thought it was a very thorough implement and didn’t at all mind posing with the crop for a couple of photos.

My other tester also known as Mr Blisse, my darling husband and eager fellow reviewer, wielded the crop for longer, giving me several slaps with it on my naked behind. He liked the grip of the handle and thought there was a good bit of flexibility and also enjoyed the loud crack when it hit.

It’s not the stingiest crop I’ve experienced which could be an advantage if you’re looking for something that won’t do too much damage but it does hit with a dull thud which builds up a pleasant sting after half a dozen strikes or so. We do own another crop which has a smaller tongue and is a lot more painful. This crop, because of the large strike area is more thumpy. It took quite a few strikes to bring a blush of colour to my skin.

I also had a go at wielding it and I like the weight in my hand and how it moves through the air. The impact noise is great but it didn’t receive much in the way of movement or gasping. Mind you, I’m fairly certain the bottom I was hitting is made of something stronger than iron, it takes a lot to mark it and make the sexy man in question gasp or squeal.


As the crop doesn’t leave marks easily, I think it’s more suited to beginners in the world of BDSM. It gives a sting, you get the thrill of the whacking noise on impact but it really doesn’t do a great amount of damage. Perfect for those curious about spanking implements but don’t know if pain is really their thing.

It would also make a good warm up toy, to lead into a more serious spanking. Definitely worth the £14.99 price tag at bondage bunnies. A well put together item which is pretty in pink as well as effective for its purpose and it makes a cracking noise (I can’t resist a pun!) which adds to the sexy experience.