You’ve had your time

in my heart

and my brain.

I don’t want you in here again.

But the stain,

so ingrained,

mostly forgotten,

the pain

Of my favourite thing ruined

arises once more

With the zombies and gore

Of the season.

The memories like ghosts

haunt and depress,

the mulch once compressed

expands in the waters of the storm

and bursts forth

with the undead and the ghouls,

my feelings like fools

replay the echoes

Of a broken heart.

With the witching hour power,

at the call of the crow,

in the howl of the beast,

my darkness let go.

Enwrapped in fear

inadequacy creeps,

like spider webs spun in the night.

My life blood stops with a fright.

In the absence of light,

as bandages encase even my face

I am bound like a mummy of old.

But the undead grief

of a thousand lies

and unenchanted eyes

may rise.

Oh, they terrorise.

But my heart beats on.

The light inside

will burst forth once more

 I’m sure.

The darkness may pretend to consume,

the spooks may creep,

the deadened memories not sleep,

but the light runs deep,

and cannot be extinguished by dark.

I cannot be kept in the dark.

I will not be kept in the dark

of the crypt,

my bandages now ripped,

soon stripped,

I am reborn.

A queen.


My past, my Halloween cannot control

my soul.

I must go through the grave to be born


but not broken.

Other side shines with light so Divine,

enhanced you might say,

by the spooks and decay of before.

I endure.

I live.

I live life to the full.

Life in this skull,

never the same.

YOU are to blame.

But as the seasons turn,

the Bonfires burn

and the flames consume all the unwanted.

The heat,

the glow,

in my heart will sow,

the seeds will grow.

And my life will begin anew.

Without you.

The rotten corpse of a love I once knew.


Is Halloween angst poetry a thing? Well, I’ve made it a thing. Found some past trauma haunting me so I wrote it out in seasonal imagery. I feel better for the catharsis.