Review-We Kill Dead Things by Sommer Marsden.


Zombies and sex don’t really go together do they? It’s not a combination that instantly jumps to mind when you want to get into the mood for a little fun between the sheets is it?

Sommer Marsden seems to revel in this. The zombies are evil and gruesome and pretty damn terrifying in her book We Kill Dead Things but that only seems to make the sex all the sweeter. Okay, that last sentence could give you the wrong idea about this book, there is no zombie sex here, no body parts dropping off mid frantic fuck. No! The people making love are very much alive and so well written you can easily believe you could bump into any one of them on the street.

Poppy, Garrity, Noah and Cahill are brilliant characters. They are zombie killers not so much by choice but driven by the need to survive. They are joined together by friendship, loss and lust and it is a powerful bond. I do love hot, realistic sex that pulls you deep in to a story and Sommer gives her readers that in bucket loads but I am ecstatic when that passion ignites between characters I can really relate to. Sommer is a genius at this, little mundane things shine through the chaos and frenzy of the killing creepers (the group’s term for the living dead) and help you to get to know the people behind the cold dispatches of the walking dead.

I am easily creeped out. I don’t watch horror films and certainly don’t read horror books, no way! My imagination would scare me to death if I did. So why have I just read a gory (and it is, there are some erm, ripe descriptions of ickyness in there) tale of zombies attempting to take over the world? Good question. It is because I was pulled in by the humans in the story. At its heart We Kill Dead Things is a romance story, or the start of one (this is the beginning book of a series, yay!) with a great emotional and erotic depth. The relationships of these friends, lovers and prospective lovers spurs me on to read more and the killing and the monsters and the violence is a perfect background to it all. It doesn’t distract from the character interaction but in its own gruesome way enhances it.

I can’t wait to read No Guilt, the next book in this fascinating Zombie Exterminators series.

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