Review: Restoration by Victoria Blisse

Reviewed by Lucy Felthouse
Restoration is the tale of Theresa, an artefact restorer working in a museum. When a statue of Priapus comes into her care, she’s thrilled.

She immediately starts work restoring the statue to its former glory and she quickly becomes obsessed, like with all her projects. But somehow, this is different. The statue itself is very erotic and is having an effect on Theresa. She imagines mounting herself on the large appendage sprouting from between Priapus’ legs and the thought consumes her, night and day.

Soon, she cannot hold back her passion any longer. Trouble is, someone else has noticed her particular interest in the statue and has been keeping a very close eye on her…

This story was just – wow! Museums are often seen as a very dry subject matter, but Victoria Blisse has taken museums, artefacts and history and twisted them into a totally hot erotic tale. It doesn’t let up – being amazingly seductive from beginning to end and it was a joy to read. I whizzed through it in no time. 100% recommended – awesome.

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