Review – Restoration by Victoria Blisse

Reviewed by Andrea Nichol

Theresa is a professional restorer of antiques whose first solo job is to restore an ancient statue of Priapus, son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. His main physical characteristic is of course his phallus, which is usually depicted as enormous. From the moment she sees the statue, Theresa is held in the grips of a helpless haze of lust. It has been a while since she has had sex and that coupled with the raw sexuality of the statue has pushed her over into being mindlessly lustful.

At times, she is interrupted by her boss, Doctor Browning, who checks on her progress. During the several months she is cleaning the statue of its moss and dirt, she is besieged by violent tremors of sexual frustration; she has a connection with Priapus that won’t be denied. What she doesn’t know is that Doctor Browning is also caught in the same vortex of sexual need and is not only checking on her periodically, he is watching her interactions with the statue over time. They finally are united in their lust and are able to connect physically with each other with Priapus as their inspiration.

Blisse has written a hot story that tugged at my own libido throughout. The climax, no pun intended, is raw and sexually charged and while some may find it shocking, in fact it works for this situation and follows what must happen. Priapus inspires both men and women to be in touch with their true selves and Theresa and Matt Browning dive into their truth and find bliss as a result. “Restoration” is well worth reading.

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