I had a very interesting Easter Saturday Night. It started at an Of Mice &Men concert, which I admit wasn’t my choice, I was doing the good mother thing and indulging my 13 year old daughter. So I headed to Twisted Sin at Bangkok Bar with ringing ears and aching feet and no flipping clue what I was letting myself in for.

Now, it’s not every day someone asks you “Hey, how do you feel about getting a lap dance?”  but the incredible, the original Jay JW did….and I surprised myself by saying “Yeah, that’d be cool.” So, a plan to attend the next Twisted Sin event was planned…and then it turned out it was happening on Easter Saturday and the busiest weekend of 2015 so far was set in motion.

I felt relaxed from the start as the lovely ladies on the door greeted me warmly. As a woman on my own I had been a little nervous, but there wasn’t any cause to be at all. Once inside Bangkok Bar (which by the way looks completely different every time I go in. It’s amazingly adaptable!) I found Jay and sat down.

I confess, I really enjoyed the sitting down at first. I’d spent 4 hours on my feet at the daughter’s concert, so sitting down and having a good natter was wonderful. It was a little while before I even thought about the fact that there were lots of scantily clad women wandering around. I’d barely noticed. After doing events like erotica, and my recent jaunts to Club Lash, it hadn’t even turned my head.

There were girls of all shapes and sizes in high heels (kudos for walking in those, ladies!) and gorgeous lingerie. Tattoes and piercings, dreadlocks (of many colours) and multicoloured hair. A lot of the lingerie was black, but there were variations. I especially loved the bullet belt and holster one of the lovely ladies sported.

For those who’ve not visited, Bangkok  Bar is huge. The first area by the bar was set out with tables and chairs for casual chat and drinking, further up there was the dancefloor. I didn’t dance, but many did. There was a good mix of music, from classic rock and ballads to harder, heavier tunes.  Something for every rock lover.

At the very back of the room, behind the glass doors, was the lap dancing room. Comfy couches and a bit of privacy away from the rest of the club. I’ll get to what goes on in there in a bit. We have to work up to that kind of stuff you know.


Me, Jay and a dancer -not Strawberry Shortcake but just as lovely!

I was struck by the mix of people within the club, I had expected to be a bit of an anomaly, a woman in a sea of men but actually, that wasn’t the case. There were quite a few women around, though men edged the majority. There was a very laid back and friendly atmosphere, lots of places to sit and chat with your mates and reasonably priced drinks.

Jay introduced me to a lovely lady I’m going to call Strawberry Shortcake because she smelt like sweet strawberries. I was going to be  wonderfully professional journalist, asking serious questions and remembering in detail the answers. My mind went blank. But she wasn’t fazed. She told me of her history of dance, her exhibitionist nature and how she got into stripping.  As she spoke my brain kicked back in…I even asked a question. Can I remember what that was now? Can I heck.

After a bit of conversation, money changed hands (£20 to be precise) and Strawberry Shortcake, clad in sumptuous dark green lingerie and walking on some seriously tall, red, shiny heels grabbed my hand and led me off the opposite end of the club, screened off and behind thick glass doors (where the dungeon lives when Bangkok hosts Club Lash) for my very first lap dance. She picked me a sofa, I sat in the middle of it and she danced.

It was as simple and as complex as that. I felt a lot of soft, warm skin, smelt the seductive, fresh scent of strawberries and even got a compliment or two, wa hey. If you’d asked me before Twisted Sin if I fancied girls I would have emphatically said no. I was utterly convinced I was straight.

I’m not so sure now. I definitely like boobs. They’re soft and bouncy and  squishy and pliant. Clearly, I have touched tits before, I have my own and they’re pretty damn cool but to have my face right in someone else’s cleavage was a brand new experience and I liked it, I very much liked it.

She was flexible and strong, leaning over me in many ways. I loved seeing the curve of her back and butt over my lap, adored the way our gazes would meet and she’d not look away. I did. I think I blushed too!  I wasn’t very keen on seeing the very intimate parts of the very sexy woman.  The vagina really didn’t do it for me at all but the rest, oh yeah. Especially when “Walk this Way” kicked in part way through my dance. I love that song.

Strawberry Shortcake could dance, oh yes, she was very good at her job. My lap dance stimulated a few more questions. I asked her if she often danced for women. At Twisted Sin apparently she did, though the majority of her customers were men.  I asked if it was different dancing for men and women and she said that in essence it was the same, but she would adapt her dance to the client, and that varied from person to person, it wasn’t the sex of the person that necessarily made the difference.

The rest of the night I smiled like the cat who got the cream. I met lots of interesting people and had a really good time.  I’d happily recommend Twisted Sin. It’d be a great venue for a different kind of girly night out, a stag do or a hen night or even as just a sexy, relaxed night out for a group of mates or even man and wife/girlfriend. I’ve been told I have to take my husband with me next time…so I suppose that means there’ll have to be a next time… 2nd May is when Twisted Sin returns, maybe I’ll see you there!