Review: No Ordinary Love Story By Sophie Morgan

This is The Sequel to The Diary of A Submissive, that I read and reviewed and enjoyed last year. Check out my review here. So when No Ordinary Love Story dropped through my letterbox (with thanks to the lovely folk at Penguin for sending it to me) I got very excited indeed. Okay, so to build the tension a bit, I’m going to give you the blurb, then we’ll move on to my review. Anticipation is grand stuff!

No Ordinary Love Story by Sophie Morgan.

Sophie Morgan bares all in her controversial sequel to Diary of a Submissive, No Ordinary Love Story.

Sophie Morgan is a submissive. An ordinary, successful young woman who in private surrenders her body and mind to a dominant man. Some of these relationships have been loving, others casual, one just cruel. But what happens when she meets the dominant man of her dreams? When they move in together? When life, love and play collide?

In Adam, Sophie has found a man to respect and cherish her, as well as a lover who’ll take her to the very limits of pain and pleasure. But how do you decide whose cooking dinner when later one of you will be whipping the other? Can you be curled up together watching TV one night and the next indulging in a serious punishment session?

In this follow-up to the number-one bestseller, The Diary of a Submissive, Sophie tells us what she did next, how she struggled to combine an ordinary relationship with her sexual needs. It’s a controversial, honest and erotic story of trying to find her kinkily romantic happy-ever-after. No Ordinary Love Story is Sophie Morgan’s real-life Fifty Shades of Grey.

So, are you sitting comfortably- or kneeling uncomfortably if you want to get into the correct mindset- okay, then I will begin.

I love Sophie’s writing style. There are so many bits in this book that I read and then re-read because it sounded like something I’d write. I love how chatty and honest it is, it’s that diary set up that makes it so accessible. Now, for me, I was a tad disappointed in the first few chapters. With Diary of a Submissive I was gripped from the start, I found the sequel a little slower to get going.

Saying that, I was soon gripped. In fact, when I was woken at 2am by an awful stomach the other night I made a grab for No Ordinary Love Story, and two hours later I made myself go to sleep after reading over half the book! It definitely is a gripper, trust me, read on past the first few chapters and you won’t be able to put it down.

Kinky sex and loving relationships are a rare combination (edited to clarify,that you rarely read about that combination), even in fictional stories, what I found so refreshing about this book is that there is some downright painful BDSM stuff going on but it’s all encased in a very loving, very trusting and very every day love story. Actually, while I’m on the subject of ouchies, the pain/BDSM theme in No Ordinary love story is still central but the fuckery is far more psychological this time. That was a big plus for me, as that is what fascinates me about BDSM. It is very exciting, very kinky stuff but it’s also very sexy, lots of fun and encased in a real life relationship. Of course it is, this is filed under ‘non-fiction’ but I love the practicality of it all, the description of the division of domestic chores (I need a man who loves to clean!) and the argument over the take out pizza. You feel like you’re peering into their home and watching it all, it’s so wonderfully intimate.

There were still a few bits that made me cringe, and one moment where I exclaimed, “Oh, no, he didn’t!” but I’m a bit of wimp when it comes to such things. Every situation is beautifully described, everything is explained, you really get into Sophie’s mind as you read. You find out why certain things turn her on, why other things shock her and yet more about her fetish for the news and current affairs!

There is one particularly wonderful moment that made me squeal, then made me cry but I’m not allowed to tell you about that, it’s a secret. You’re just going to have to pick up a copy of the book for yourself to find out what got me all a flutter.

No Ordinary Love story is available in the UK from 28th March in Paperback and for kindle and is a great love story, a romance with lots of slap, tickle, vibration and whip!

And The Diary of a Submissive, the first book from the lovely Sophie Morgan is availabe in Paperback and Kindle for you too.