Review, A-Z and Wednesday Briefs!


It’s a bit of a mixed bag today! I’m going to start by directing you over to SJD Peterson’s place where I am featured today as part of the Romance A-Z!

And now I have to share with you a great review for Making it Real!


Literary Nymphs say this of my Long Distance love novella:

“The plot twists and develops at a good pace, the characters are fascinating, and the style of writing wrapped me up in their word to such an extent that I was sad when it ended.”

And have awarded me a Golden Blush Recommended Read!


Read the rest of this brilliant review here.

Now, I’m really busy writing at the moment. I’ve just finished The Second book in the Djinn’s Amulet series and am now starting to work on my story for the Total-E-Bound Switch Call for Submissions…which needs to be finsihed by the middle of next week…EEK! I’m also writing a story for a very special anthology that I’m hoping to be able to tell you more about very soon!

So this week I’m not in for the Wednesday Briefs but if you start out at Julie Haye’s place you’ll be able to find the link to all my fellow briefers who are flashing with gay abandon today!