I’m loving September, do you know why? Because I have a new release EVERY week and next week, I’ve got two! How cool is that?  I’m loving being Totally Bound Author of the month!


This week the second book in my Point Vamp series is out, Stopping Point and will cost just 99p but hurry, the price goes up on the 30th September!





Josh is a vampire…he just doesn’t quite know it yet.

He is confused and his voluptuous sire, Cara is far too busy being mysterious to really help him unlock the secrets of his Afterlife. However, he pieces it together by himself and decides to turn his best mates into Vampires too. This doesn’t quite go to plan but he does discover The Point and its unique, ten-second rule.

Cara does not approve of Josh visiting The Point but that night she turns up at his door bloodied and much more dead than usual, and accepts Josh’s help to escape from her much older and much crazier Sire Leopold. How is Josh going to defeat an older, wiser and more powerful vampire? He hasn’t a clue but for Cara he is willing to find out.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed revisiting my vampires and adding in new scenes. I had a great time writing a vampire Christmas for this one, but as we’re only in September I’ll save the festive excerpts for Christmas, but here’s a little bit from the newly added material that has never been seen before but doesn’t involve Christmas cheer, it’s a bit of new year naughtiness.




The Point was crowded.

“Seems like lots of humans want to celebrate surviving another year by fucking a vampire.” Steve grinned wildly and pushed a pint into Josh’s hand. “Bloody brilliant.”

“We shouldn’t have any trouble getting a meal tonight, lads.” Josh nodded. Even Kyle looked positive and he was the one who struggled to find women to fuck, even in a bar full of women seeking vampires. The guy’s shyness really held him back. Vamps were expected to be all alpha and dominant. Kyle was so very the opposite of those things.

“Best New Year’s Eve ever!” Kyle yelled then took a swig of his pint.

Josh looked up at the clock above the bar. There was only half an hour ‘til midnight.

“I’m going to get mine, lads. Said I’d bring dinner for Cara, share it with her to see in the new year.”

“Aw, that’s love that is.” Steve rolled his eyes.

“Whatever, mate. “ Josh slapped him as he walked past. “Catch you next year.”

“It’s still not funny!” Steve yelled.

Josh smiled. It really wasn’t funny, but it was a running joke and he wasn’t a quitter. Tradition mattered to him, even when it was a stupid pun. His arms ached and he felt tired but he wasn’t going to let that stop him enjoying his night out. He scanned the crowd, looking for the evening’s celebratory meal. Josh looked for women wearing three drops, that indicated they’d been regularly drunk from. There weren’t many of them, the big party night brought in lots of Point newbies but Josh wasn’t feeling patient enough to introduce them to the delights of vampiric dining.

“Hey,” Cara walked up, wrapped her arm around his waist and pulled him close. “There’s a prospective meal over at the end of the bar. Three drops, nice arse.”

“God, I love you.” Josh kissed her cheek. “I’ll go get the food, you go secure a room.”

“Okay, see you in a minute.” Cara winked and walked off. She was the most stunning woman in the room. Josh shook his head as she disappeared into the crowd. He had to go get the meal. If only it was as simple as ordering take out.

“Erm, hello.” He slid up to the curvy brunette, admiring her figure hugging black dress. She was older than him and it showed in her body language, more than in the lines on her face, of which there were few.

“Hi.” She smiled. “You hungry?”

Josh was used to it being easier to pull as a vampire but this was a something new.

“Yeah, so’s my girlfriend. Want to join us?”

“Oh, I’ve never had a vamp threesome before. You’re on.” She picked up the short glass and gulped down the remains.

“Are you sure? I mean, we’ve only just met.” Josh cursed himself internally. Had he just cock blocked himself?

“Sure I’m sure. I’m not drunk, if that’s what you’re worried about, and I won’t charge.”

“Oh, no, I can pay—we could pay… Look, we should just go back to the room now before I say something else stupid.”

She giggled prettily and slipped her arm through his. “Don’t worry, handsome, I’m all yours. I find it quite the turn on to make pretty young boys all tongue tied.”

“You’ll get on very well with my girlfriend then.” Josh chuckled. “What room’s Cara in?” He asked the guy at the security desk.

“Fifteen,” he replied with a nod. “Go on through.”

Stopping Point is available now for 99p and the first book in the series, The Point is completely free to download at Totally Bound until the 30th September. So treat yourself to a sexy vampire or two today!