Restoration Available now at iTunes!

dsvxcOoooh and every time I look at that cover I start drooling. Yummy arse!

Anyway, back to the subject in hand. I’ve just had an email informing me that my story Restoration that was recently contracted by e-Xcite is now available on iTunes!

So any of you with an iPhone or an ipod Touch can download Restoration today from iTunes for just £1.19!

For those of us without iPhones and the like the story will be available to Dowload from Xcite next month, keep tuned in to find out exactly when!

Here’s the Blurb:

Museum Restorer Theresa is thrilled when an ancient, dirt covered Roman Statue of Priapus comes into her care. She finds him fascinating and he becomes her erotic obsession. Night and day she is consumed by her lust for Priapus. Unknown to Theresa another person has been overtaken by the same obsession. It is only when her project is completed and Priapus is out on display that she discovers she is not the only one willing to take great risks just to worship the ancient god’s giant penis.

Do you want an excerpt? Of course you do! Here you go!

I think every child goes through a phase of wanting to be an archaeologist. I did, but as my friends changed their minds I stayed stubbornly fixed on my goal even though I was told not once but three times by different tutors that I was not cut out for the detailed world of archaeology. I found my niche, though, bringing artefacts to their full glory.

I love the first moments of a project, getting a feel for the ancient piece of art between my thighs. Everything I uncover is art, even the day to day pots, pans and tools, they’re artwork for the museum, like trinkets, flowers and candlesticks in a home. I get attached to some of the pieces I work on and my heart tears when I have to let my project go to adorn the walls of this antiquity house. I’ve been tempted on several occasions to smuggle things away, to let them live in the real world once more but I know that is folly and so I leave them to the restoring air of the museum.
Priapus has a shock of unruly marble locks. I’ve cleared an inch or two on the top of his head in my first day, this is good progress as restoration work in the beginning is all about finding out what works the best. I expect to uncover him quicker in the next few days, yet I know it will be weeks and weeks of meticulous cleaning before he is ready to be moved.

“Goodnight, my lovely.” I run a hand over his moss laden cock, shocks of excitement shooting through to my pussy. The fertility god is doing his age old job by arousing me even through his preserving veil of moss and grime. It is as if Mother Nature has wrapped him in her arms, making him a blanket to keep him warm and safe until he can once again stand proudly guarding against attack and thievery.

Available now on iTunes – only £1.19
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