When I saw that this image had been chosen as the inspiration for Masturbation Monday, first I was delighted and secondly I took the opportunity to look back on what happened to prompt me to take the photo.

Weirdly, for me, I hadn’t written specifically about the weekend. So, for my Masturbation Monday I’m going to do my best to recall the fun that led to a photo of my chained bum. All for you guys, obviously, I am not getting a whole load of pleasure from this *at all*. Aherm.

So, as many of my stories do, this one starts with a beating. It was a good friend’s kinky birthday party at Miss T’s. That’s the start of a good night, right there. Of course there was a piñata, kinked up but definitely still just a usual piñata, not an actual person. It’s difficult to hit them and make sweets fall out. Once the sweeties were retrieved, the dungeon emptied and I found a meanie to beat me.

That meanie was Avalon Isle (AI). It’s weird to think it’s only been a matter of months since we met, he’s so much part of my life now, I found a friend as well as someone to beat me – awesome. Back when this photo was taken though, we were just getting to know each other still.  We’d discussed in advance the possibility of him beating me at this party but I was still stupidly nervous about asking him for it.

I wanted to ask from the moment we walked into Miss T’s but it wasn’t ‘til after the piñata beating, when the dungeon started to empty that I asked and he gave an enthusiastic yes that ended up with me on the spanking bench moments later.

Honestly, I don’t remember every moment of every spanking I have. I do remember a few things about this one. When it started, my husband was sat on the chair next to the spanking bench. I clearly remember him being there then the next time I looked that way, he wasn’t. In fact the entire dungeon was empty bar us.

There’s a fab mirror in front of my fave spanking bench at Miss T’s. I love it because I get to watch what’s happening a little bit.  That night I remember looking into that mirror and seeing AI, face set with concentration, arm raised, implement in hand and I wondered at how damn lucky I was. The smile on my face was huge.  I was either smiling or wincing or making various sounds of pain through the whole thing.

Or giggling.

Yeah, he was using the thin evil cane, bouncing it off my thighs and it was tickling, so I was giggling, I’m very ticklish. However, the light strokes changed to heavy ones that really fucking hurt but I still laughed. It was so strange. I knew it hurt but the only response my body could come up with was laughter. Pretty certain that discombobulation amused AI, I could see him smirking.

And there was another response. There was a particular implement, large, heavy, thumpy (I’m not sure exactly what it was) and he was hitting just on the crease of my thigh and my butt with precise, heavy rhythm and it was just…orgasmic.

Dear God, I’m blushing just writing that.

It was a great beating. I think it was only the second he ever gave me and I know he went harder on me, knowing my levels a bit more.

After the beating, I was in a happy place. A bit spacey maybe. He said I needed to look at the marks, so I eagerly trotted round to look in the mirror and the marks…oh, they were so pretty.

AI sat on the edge of the massage bed as I stood in front of him. It was probably just seconds that we looked at each other, but in my woozy state it felt like hours. We were both smiling. It was a wonderful moment. I was comfortable enough not to talk, not to feel the need to fill the silence with words. There are very few people in the world I’m that comfortable with.

Now, some of you might be thinking ‘That’s all very nice, Victoria, but what has this got to do with the prompt photo?’ well, patience, I’m getting there.

The very next day was Carefree and Kinky. An under 35 event at Partner’s in Bury. Kev and I get in with the tombola. This particular event had a cosplay theme and because I really do love an excuse to dress up I joined in. But also ‘cos I’m a bit weird, I went as the Librarian from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. I even had my very own magical book that needed holding down with chains…

And now you see where the chain comes into things. However, as we had Sensei’s bag ‘o’ chain at our disposal Kev decided to wrap my up in it. And because Kev loves me, and knows how much I love having my marks poked (and loves to poke them. I think it’s his favourite thing, poking marks others make on me) he made sure to wrap the chain over the areas that were covered in bruises.

So when you look at the photo, you can’t see many bruises (if you look closely, you can see some) because Kev covered them in chain. So when I moved the chains dug into my bruised flesh and I was a very happy masochist indeed. I look at the photo and I see wonderful, glorious, sexy pain.

It is also a reminder of a wonderfully fun weekend, it makes me think of many of the best people in my life and how lucky I am to have such an amazing husband, wonderful friends, magnificent meanies and such a supportive community around me.