Release Day – Her Secret Past

Yes! It’s party time because Her Secret Past is out on general release today! There’s lots of fun and celebration to mark this event but first, let me share the blurb and an excerpt with you to whet your appetite.

A past she wants to forget, a secret that will change everything and a hunky guy who should have known better. It’s no secret that Katrina Quinn has been caught having an affair with her hunky co-star. Hounded by the press she has escaped to Yorkshire, England and the remote seclusion of Copse Cottage. It’s a house packed full of junk and memories—far too much for one woman to handle. For odd job man Ryan Taylor, being hired to clear clutter while ogling one of Hollywood’s hottest stars seems like easy money. A good way to escape his jealous, drunken girlfriend, Eve, who seems intent on making his life a misery. But Copse Cottage is haunted with his happy past, stirring anew his longing for the girl he used to call the best in the world. A stolen beat-up suitcase is going to change everything—secrets will be revealed, hearts will be broken all over again and the biggest mystery of all will finally be answered.


“I’m running away too.”

“No,” he exclaimed, “really? Why are you running away?”

“Maybe you are thick, Ry,” I scoffed gently. “Can’t you guess? My dad left us, my mum’s not been the same since and I’m the butt of everyone’s joke at school. I can’t take all that anymore.” I swallowed hard—a lump had formed in my throat. My skin felt electrified and there was a waterfall of tears pressing at the backs of my eyes.

“Oh, Janie, it’s been really tough for you, hasn’t it?”

His strong, soft hand cupped my cheek, and as a tear slipped down he gently wiped it away with his thumb.

“I still think you’re the best girl in the world,” he whispered, his breath caressing my lips he was so very close.

“And you’re not bad, for a boy,” I replied with a wry smile, remembering back to the first argument we’d ever had. Ryan hadn’t wanted to play pretend mummies and daddies with me even though I’d told him he could be a builder for his job and I’d let him play with my Lego. I’d run off crying and he’d followed me and told me he was sorry and that he thought I was the best girl in the world.

I had still been mad at him, so I had just said, “You’re not bad, for a boy.” We’d laughed then, like six-year-olds do, and had got back to playing.

I snapped back to the present, his lips so close to mine, his hand on my cheek. I felt as though I was shaking, my whole body taken by a quake of shock and lust. His lips met mine and I stilled. Quiet peace reigned for a moment. I was at the pinnacle of bliss, everything was perfect and light. Then he moved his lips and the agitation returned. I burned deep in the pit of my stomach, my skin itched for his touch and I burned up, waiting for more.

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I’ve already got a great review too from Debi Hursh!

“What a wonderful story line! This story moved me.”

Check the review in its entirety on Goodreads!

Now, how can you join in the fun?

Well, I’d *love* you all to come to my Party. On Wednesday 18th June. It’s okay, you don’t have to get to my house as all the fun will be happening on Facebook. The Facebook Party starts at 9pm GMT which I believe is 4pm EST and will continue until we’re partied out.

I’ll share excerpts, answer questions and just be around to have fun. I can’t wait.

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