Read an eBook week.

Hello all, it’s Read an eBook week and what better way to celebrate than with the final book in a series which coincidentally was released this weekend, good timing, huh?

Getting Hitched
is the third book in the Getting Together Series.

John and Terri have been through more up and downs than your average weight machine but now they are getting married, or they should be. But as the cake doesn’t arrive, the father of the bride is stuck in Spain and the all important wedding dress doesn’t fit it seems that the special day may not go ahead at all but John isn’t willing to let a few problems stop him marrying the girl of his dreams. They overcame the odds and their own self confidence problems to become a couple in the first place, nothing is going to stop this perfect couple from getting together, we hope!

So if you’ve read Getting Physical, Getting Intimate you can now find out what happens next! So, would you like a snippet? Are you sure? Oh, alright then, since it’s you. Here’s a taster of Getting Hitched.

‘I’m going to marry you, so of course. It’s going to be the most special day of my life to date, I know that, I do. I know I sound crazy going on about this dress but it means so much to me.’

‘I know it does, I just don’t want you to make yourself ill stressing over it.’ I placed an arm over her shoulders and she snuggled up against me.

‘I know. You’re only looking after me. I’m sorry about the doughnut, I shouldn’t have thrown it at you.’

‘It’s all right, love. I don’t think any permanent damage has been done, well, I might never wear that shirt again. Jam is a bugger to get out.’
Terri Laughed. I was so relieved to hear that sound that I squeezed her tightly.

‘I can get another shirt.’ I shrugged.

‘Or you could go topless, I really like that idea.’ She purred and lifted her face to mine for a kiss.

‘I don’t think the guys at work would appreciate it,’ I squeezed out between kisses.
‘Ah, but the girls would love it,’ she added, running a finger down my naked chest.
‘So you say,’ I gasped as she followed her finger trail with kisses, ‘I’m not so sure.’

‘Any hot blooded woman who sees this lithe, lean chest,’ she stroked my stomach and made my cock bounce within my trousers, ‘and this perfectly flat stomach will not be able to stop herself from imagining what it would be like to touch you and to slip her hands under your waistband.’

As she spoke she pulled open the button on my work pants and teased down the zip. Her warm hand insinuated itself inside my boxers and then her delicate fingers grasped my hard on.

‘They’d want to do this, to feel your cock in their hands as they admire your gorgeous body. They’d want to get down on their knees before you and suck you, all the time looking up and enjoying the view.’
Her voice alone turned me on.

My mind became a haze of lust as she touched me and kissed down to my stomach, stretching her body out beside me until she was laid on her stomach with her mouth poised just above my cock.
‘But, they will be left frustrated at the end of the day whereas I can live out my fantasies.’

You can pick Getting Hitched up from All Romance Ebooks and at Kindle US and Kindle UK. If you’ve not read the other two books in the series, Getting Physical and Getting Intimate you can purchase them in the same places too.

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