Victoria Blisse on the Radio with Curvys after Midnight!

I had great fun chatting with the brill and bubbly Curvy and you can listen in to the radio interview (well, more of a giggly gossip session really) between us via the button up there and if you want more from this sassy lady, check out her Blogtalk Radio page, she has a little something for everyone on her shows.

Also check out everything on offer at Curvys After Midnight if you’re in the US, looks like a fun shopping experience to me.

temporary insanity

Last night’s interview covered all sorts of interesting facts about me. How I write, where I write and why I write as well as my office and hot men obsession. Curvy has read Temporary Insanity and so we talked a lot about that particular book and discussed Bollywood Nightmare and my sexy Djinn Johnny a fair bit too.