“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished; that will be the beginning.”

– Louis L’Amour




Never been straight,

but I didn’t know

I was colouring between the lines

following the tracks

Didn’t miss

what I didn’t think I lacked.

Then there was a realisation

a revelation

a dawn of bright, gay colour.

a rainbow of possibility

from the weighed down chest of conformity.

Straight ended there for me.

No going back.

My world no longer that world.

That comfortable blanket

of normality

that I’d clung to

as I got older

and weirder.

As I got more me.

It’s scary to be free

when you’ve been caged so long.

But I found I belong

in a world of possibility

where they even accepted

an odd duck like me.

Where I can love

and love and love some more.

Any human I adore

could love me too.

If we want to

if we consent to.

We can do each other

and someone else?

we can do it all.

Life in bright, vibrant colour.

The end of the straight road.

But the start of another.

My queer beginning.