Public display of Affection #MasturbationMonday

It started with a quick flash on the stair way up between the arcades, away from the beach, the front and the thousands of people lapping up the rare, British sunshine. It was just a flash, to tease him, but it led to much more.

By the top of the steep, stone steps I had removed my leggings and was wearing just the dress. Not even knickers underneath. We stopped to catch our breath. Scarborough is beautiful but it is all hills, making you have to pause and take in the views as you recover from yet another.

My deep breaths weren’t just from the exercise, but the exhilaration naked below short skirt in a coastal town and in public. It wasn’t the most used trail but people walked up and down the steps and with the breeze as it was, I couldn’t be sure which of them might have been gifted a glance of my nakedness.

He sat down and winked at me. What was going through his mind? He tapped a step just up from where he sat. I stood on it. He tapped the other side of him and for a moment I wondered what he wanted, then I worked it out. I looked up and down, checking for people then swung my leg over him. I straddled his face. He lifted the front of my skirt and as if he’d calculated it perfectly, he leant his head back and kissed my cunt.

I darted my gaze up and down as my knees shook with the blast of arousal. He moved, strained and pressed his tongue between my lips, then swept up and down, gathering my nectar. I really wanted to moan and gasp my delight but we were in public for God’s sake. There was a swarm of people passing by at the bottom of the stairway, the beach golden behind them, the sea blue.

Seagulls called, laughing it seemed above us, maybe they couldn’t believe the cheek of what we were doing at the top of the stairs.

I looked up and there were people, chatting at the top of the ginnel.


I freeze. What can they see if they look down? Probably just me, I surmised. Trying hard not to rock against his mouth. He’d found my clit and was focusing on it. He wanted me to come and Jesus, I wanted to come too but couldn’t take my eyes off the group.

My heart thumped in my chest, in my cunt, in my cold running blood. As they lingered for an eternity at least and all I wanted to do was grind down and find that climax that was just sitting on the tip of my man’s tongue.

They left. Must have decided on a different path. Thank fuck. I grabbed his head and forced my cunt harder against him. I shut my eyes, dangerous as I knew it was and gave myself over to the throbbing beat of unstoppable pleasure and I came. I grunted and cursed and flooded him with juices that he lapped up with soft moans of ecstasy. As the orgasm rolled away I remembered where we were, opened my eyes and scanned up and down. Just in time, a couple were moving to come down the steps.

By the time they passed us I was sat on his lap, my mouth on his. They tutted as they continued down. We smiled against each other’s lips. Imagine if they’d seen the public display of affection from just a few moments before, what would they have said then?

Today’s Masturbation Monday post was inspired by my photo for Sinful Sunday yesterday. It’s up to you to decide how much of it is true ;)

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