Proving Santa Exists is ‘Hot, sweet and sentimental’!

I am thrilled to tell you about 2 more reviews for Proving Santa Exists!

Proving Santa Exits

The first is from the lovely Julie Lynn Hayes, who helped me edit the story. She’s Brilliant and I was thrilled when she wanted to read the story again after edits, a very good sign that she actually enjoyed it! Here’s a little of what she had to say:

I really really enjoyed this short sweet Christmas story. It’s hot and sweet and sentimental, and frankly it had me wiping at my eyes… …This is a great tale to curl up with on a cold winter night, with your favorite beverage, dreams of Christmas bouncing about your head. I’ve read it twice already. It’s a definite keeper, good for any time of the year.

Read the review in its entirety on her blog!

And the second review is from the lovely Lucy Felthouse, she’s also of the opinion that Proving Santa Exists is a good read at anytime!

Proving Santa Exists is a lovely erotic romance tale, perfect to warm you and your heart at any time of year, not just Christmas. It’s sweet and sexy all at once, and is packed full of Victoria Blisse’s trademarked humour – I laughed out loud more than once!

Read all the review here.

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