As I sat on the bus all I could think of was that earlier text and accompanying straining hard dick pic.

Waiting for you

I must have been smirking.

I smiled just as widely when I got to Frog’s place and he met me at the door.

He is such a gorgeous sight to behold.

I was nervous, of course I was but it soon became clear he was too. Maybe even more so. He was incapable of sitting still and admitted he was ‘anxiously pottering.’

I assured him we were both as anxious as each other and got him to sit in the living room with me whilst I had a drink. I think me telling him what to do gave him a little peace and so we chatted about books for a bit and relaxed into each other’s company.

I was just about to change the subject to what was planned for the night when he took the words right out of my mouth.

Before he even spoke he looked down to his crotch.

“Oh look, that happened.”

I glanced at the obvious bulge in his loose fitting trousers.

“And you’re only thinking about it!” I exclaimed in mock horror. To which he squirmed giving me a delicious jolt of domly delight.

He outlined the scene he had planned. We talked about where it would end, what aftercare would be done any triggers or things to avoid. Then we headed upstairs.

It was sweet to see his room lit with candles and low, warm red light. I could see the forethought and grinned at the image of him preparing for me.

The scene was set.

Frog was out of the room when I walked in from the bathroom so I stood at the foot of the bed, back to the not quite shut door and pulled off my blouse. Just as we’d discussed.

I turned to put the purple satin on the desk chair and saw him out of the corner of my eye watching from the door. I continued as if I had no idea. Easing down my long pleated skirt and adding that to the pile.

Reaching behind me I unhooked my bra. I took my time removing it, aware I had an audience.  My skin tingled with the caress of his gaze. When I took down my knickers and added them to the pile I looked round and he wasn’t obviously at the door. So I sat at the end of the bed. Until I saw the edge of his baggy yellow t shirt (picked to look studently and humiliatably subby he told me earlier) then put on my most shocked tone.

“What are you doing there?!”

“Nothing.” Came the soft, shamed response.

“Come in here!” I demanded and Frog shuffled in. Head down, chin to his chest.

“Were you watching me get undressed?”

He shook his head.

“I don’t believe you! I am naked and you’re stood at my door watching! And what’s this!”

My tirade barely stopped to acknowledge his erection.

“Is your willy hard?”

He looked sheepish and shook his head.

“Disgusting. I think you need to be punished. Don’t you?”

“Yes professor.” Frog’s answer was firmer, as if acknowledging he had no other option.

“Come here.”

I took his top off him. Tutting and muttering the whole time as I admired his naked torso.  Next came the trousers and mock outrage at the straining cock I had enjoyed the photo of earlier.

“Look at this!” I did, I looked directly at his cock and ran my fingers gently along his erection.

He panted and the flesh trembled beneath my fingertips.

“Urgh. Disgusting. Perverted. You do need to be punished!”

I sat on the end of the bed. Back straight, face stern.

“Over my lap now. Come on. “

He settled himself over me. Hands on the floor and his toes.

“Oh my goodness! I can feel your hard penis against my thigh!”

It felt hot as fuck, kinda distracting too but I kept my mind on the task in hand and I began to slap his cute, pert buttocks.

I know, hard life isn’t it?  I wasn’t sure exactly what I’d say or if I’d say much but as I spanked words just leapt to mind and off my lips.

“Awful. You deserve to be punished don’t you?”

“Yes.” Frog’s response was strained through pain or arousal. My guess was both.

“Yes you do. Disgusting pervert. Watching me get undressed. I can’t believe it. And you just stood there and you think that was the right thing to do?”

“No professor.”

I continued slapping, harder and more rhythmically as my ire grew.

“No, what should you have done?” I spanked on and he hesitated. “Well, what should you have done instead?”

“Told you I was there.”

“That’s right. Or even just walked away. I’d have never known. But no, you stood there in the doorway and watched your teacher take of her clothes. What kind of sick pervert does that?”

There was a lot of talk and a lot of spanking but even so I took time to take in the softness of his skin, the warmth of him over my lap, the fact that this incredibly gorgeous human put himself at my mercy. Trusted me with his fantasy. I smiled a few times but didn’t let it show in my tirade.

“You are probably enjoying this. You’re that kind of pervert. Get up!”

I got him to stand before me. His cock still erect but not quite as straining as before.

“I knew it! Look at this disgusting, hard willy.” I swirled my fingertips over it then took it in my hand. “I think you’re enjoying this far too much. I need to spank you harder don’t I?”

“Yes, Professor.” He gasped.

I directed him back over my knee the other way so I could give my dominant left hand a bit of a break and use my other. Although I did bring it in from time to time. Varying the strikes.

His flesh was visibly red at this point, even in the low lighting. I continued to tell him off thoroughly. Getting more and more irate as I spanked.  And more and more turned on by his squirms and little moans and the grasp of his hand around my ankle to steady him.

“I am here to educate you, not turn you on. Can you imagine what the head teacher would say if I reported you? You’d get thrown out! You don’t want that do you? No. You’ll have to keep me happy. Do anything I ask. If you do we can keep this between us. Your dirty, disgusting perversion will go no further. I better not catch you again. I really don’t want to have to punish you anymore. But this is for your own good, okay? You have been so naughty. You need it beaten out of you.”

The last half dozen smacks or so fell heavier and deeper. Giving him something to remember.

“Are you going to be good for me now?” I asked.

“Yes, Professor.”

“You better be.”

When he got off my lap I enveloped him in a hug. He snuggled me tightly and we collapsed onto the bed together.

“Oh, wow.” He said and had the most beatific smile on his face. Glowy cheeks, gaze wan and dreamy, I recognised the smile of a well beaten bottom, glorying in the afterglow.

I gloried in it too.