Prizes galore!

Hey folks, Blisse Kiss with Heart is still running and there’s lots of prizes still to be won.


Check out my Snog for the chance to pick a Blisse ebook of your choice!

Lily Harlem is offering a copy of Orchestrating Manoeuvres as her prize.

Over at Lisabet Sarai’s snog you can win a copy of Treble, a menage anthology and at Tilly Greene’s kiss there’s the chance to win a copy of Missing in Paradise.

And then Lucy Felthouse is offering any one of her single author titles for you to choose from if you win. Again just comment to be in with a chance to win.

But hurry, Blisse Kiss with Heart finishes tomorrow, so get in there now while there are still chances to win! Visit today for more info.


And as if that’s not enough, you could win a copy of Naughty Rendezvous today (and loads of other books, actually. At the TRR Anniversary bash. Just look down the page, find my question then come back here and look up the answer (it’s a multiple choice question) and submit it and you could win, simple as that!


And one last contest. As you all know Authors love feedback on their stories. So I’m going to ask you all for some.
Have you bought a Blisse book to read? You have? Good. Did you review it for me? If the answer is yes then you have my undying love already, yep, I’m *that* easy. But if the answer is no, then here’s your chance to make me hap-hap-happy AND win yourself another bit of Blisse to enjoy.

I will give a Blisse ebook from my backlist -any SINGLE AUTHOR book of your choice- to anyone who writes a review of one of my books on, goodreads or your own website or in fact anywhere else you can write reviews of my work. I’ll run this contest for just over a month. So the 1st May is your cut off date.

So, some of you might well be sat there thinking ‘Well, I can’t write a review, I don’t know how.’ And I understand that but what I want to say to you is that yes, you can write a review. All I want is people’s opinions. It doesn’t have to be hundreds of words long, you don’t have to dissect my plot or write pages on how amazing my characters are (though that would be lovely!) all you need to do is write a few lines of your opinion.

And yes, that counts. That really counts! When you’ve posted your review, let me know where I can find it. Just drop me an email at victoria @ victoriablisse. co. uk (no spaces) with the link and the Blisse ebook you’d like as your prize.

Please note, if you’ve written a review in the last month and send me the link to it, you can also have a Blisse book of your choice. :)