Primal Paradox

When Kitty wakes

we snuggle.

I stroke, their back, their flank, the hair out of their cute face.

Tickle behind Kitty’s ears

and kiss kiss kiss the top of their head.

We find peace.

I shower them with love and affection.

Thanking them with my touch,

worshipping Kitty as I should.

In a frisson of excitement,

waiting for the primal beast to reawaken.

To pin me down,

bite me,

take me,

ravage me.

Demand my surrender.

Exert control.

Make me vibrate with fear

and lust.

So. Much. Lust.

The beast pounces.

I squeal in shock

Pant hard through the pain,

gasp quickly to drink in air,

and their musk

and every nuance of the moment.

Shaking, quivering, vibrating

with panic and pain and ecstasy.

Until Kitty wakes once more.

Perfect cycle of

savagery and snuggles.

Giving my flesh,

Giving my service,

Giving myself.

Even wild beasts

Need love



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