When the Siren arrived I must confess I was a bit baffled about how it worked. When I pressed one of the twin power buttons on and made the mermaid tail end vibrate I did wince. It looked a bit…violent.

Now don’t laugh.  I know I love violence but only when other people are inflicting it on me. Anyway, I admit I popped the Siren away and left it a while before I plucked up the courage to give it another go.   After all the lovelies at Svakom had sent it to me to review, I couldn’t let them down.

It’s packaged up beautifully, and has it’s own soft carry case and the all important charger cable. It takes a while to work out where the hole is for this (no pun intended!) as it’s teeny tiny but I do like a rechargeable toy. It just makes so much sense.

And I am really bad at remembering to buy batteries.

Anyway, the cool thing with the Svakom Siren is that it is duel ended. You have the spikey end and the bulbous end and both vibrate (check if at the same time) so you can choose what you want to use.

Let’s start with the bulbous end. It’s like a little ball and can be pressed against the vulva to give gentle stimulation to the clit – even at high speed it wasn’t enough to make me come but it was pleasurable.  Internally I like the girth but the vibration doesn’t do much for me. It isn’t long enough or curled enough to reach my G-spot  and I’m not a huge fan of internal vibration though so your mileage may vary on that.

Now, the double tongued end, well that’s where it gets really interesting. And not just because from a certain angle it looks like Audrey II! There’s a whole lot of intense, focused power when you switch on this end.  Not gonna lie, when I put the very tip close to my clit it hurt. Pleasantly for me, because I’m into pain, but yeah. It was a bit stingy. Lying the length of the split over my clit made the vibration less sharp and more rumbly. That’s the beauty of this, depending how you hold it, you can get a world of different sensations from rumbly to stingy.

Experimenting I got some sensations I didn’t much like and some I loved. I’ve had a few orgasms with my Siren, one had an element of paingasm (I’m not great at inflicting pain on me) and others were more pure pleasure as I got the angle perfect for me.

A problem I found was if I use it with my finger over the button to turn it up and down as needed, when I come I clamp my hand shut and it switches the vibration off. So I can’t get past 1 orgasm as I switch the damn thing off every time. Oops.

You can lock this vibrator, for travel and storage purposes. Press both buttons simultaneously and there’s not going to be any errant vibrations when you don’t want them.  It’s also 100% waterproof. I’ve not tested that myself, I’m not one for masturbating in the bath or shower but if you are, you can use the Siren without worry in water.

I enjoyed the Siren, partially because I enjoy a bit of pain with my pleasure and I know if this gets into the right (wrong?) hands it could be used to torture me quite wickedly. It can be used gently, it has multi functions and even comes with a warranty. All in all, this is more than just a novelty. However, if you are not a fan of very focused vibration, this might not be the vibe for you.

I never thought I’d enjoy having my clit slapped by a tiny, silicone tongue but turns out I really actually do!