Do you know how in 80’s movies if anyone called the male lead a ‘chicken’ they’d then go ahead and do whatever stupid thing they’d been dared to do?  Well, for me whenever meanies say ‘Who’s next?’ Both my hands fly up in the air, my feet dance and I shout ‘Me, me, ooh, ooh, me!’.

I wasn’t even planning to get a beating at Miss T’s 3rd Birthday party but I wandered into the dungeon, at the end of a beating as it turned out and Animal said ‘Who’s next?” and well, you know what that does to me.  I had myself on the spanking bench moments later waiting for Miss T herself and Animal, the house Dom to double top me.

While Miss T picked out her implements of choice (I overheard her saying she was looking for all the extra evil things she isn’t usually allowed to use) Animal warmed me up. It was an interesting experience, using a horsehair flogger that felt soft and scratchy when used gently and like being hit with scratchy rope when used hard.

They didn’t muck about. It went from gentle warming to heavy and hard pretty damn quickly. I felt that moment of panic I always get when the play is hard quite early on in proceedings but I took some deep breaths and hit the happy place where the pain is both the task and the reward.

I can’t remember exactly what was used when. I do know that after the flogger Animal took up his alligator tail. Yes, you read that correctly. I’d met it before, as it was purchased from Painful Pleasures at the last Smut Market we ran, and it left marks from one strike.

It made me scream when I was hit hard over and over again with it. In fact, at one point my scream was so high pitched I scared myself! Which made me howl with laughter. I’m a strange beast! Miss T was using all the evils. The first I remember was the long white plastic paddle, made from the stuff used in medicine to mimic cartilage. It hurts. Just a light slap is stingy but I didn’t get a single light slap. They were all hard and with force.

I swear I was in the middle of a Dom beat off, they were trying to make me scream the most/loudest. That’s what you get when you play with 2 sadists.

I did scream a lot. I also said many weird things. It’s weird. The more things hurt the less I swear. Okay, you might get the odd ‘fuck’ or ‘Christ’ but mostly It’s all about  inventive expletives from ‘Bloody hell’ to ‘By jove’ and Jiminy Crickets’ to ‘crap on a cracker’. I dunno why. It’s just how it goes.

I also jumped off the spanking bench a few times. That’s a sure sign it hurt like a fucker. When I jump up and trot for a while in pure pain and shock. I think I stood up maybe 4 or 5 times but I kept getting back on the spanking bench.

Miss T’s worst or maybe best choice was the rubber singletail which is heavy and ouchy and strikes similarly to a cane but digs deeper with an unforgiving thump. I must have taken a good few strikes with it but each one was excruitiatingly close to my limit. Eventually I asked for no more with that particular implement, so she moved on.

I think next was the flame thrower. Miss T does love it so. A singletail which leaves flame like marks. As Animal decided what to use next, she went to town decorating all round my butt with flames. Now, I knew we were playing at the top end of my limits when I found the strikes with the stingy as fuck flame thrower to be soothing. Even at super-fast pace.

Animal joined back in with a paddle and I was completely discombobulated by being hit with a paddle and the flame thrower at exactly the same time.

But next I experienced double mango paddles.

Fuck me sidewards that  hurt.

I’d thought the other stuff hurt, I know it did, but Jesus those paddles are hard and heavy and stingy and shocking and the two of them together were just brutal. Devastating. They knocked the breath from me and I had to remember to breathe.

I was close to calling it but I didn’t. It was when Animal started hitting with the large oak paddle that I surrendered.

Well, for a bit.

I stood gasping and shaking for breath. Asking for a moment.

The gathered audience (there was a good number I found out when the beating was over) mumbled that I’d surrendered.

“Only for a moment,” Miss T said, repeating what I’d said. I’d surrendered for a moment, I needed to gather my breath and my courage.

Because not only had the meanies been beating me, Animal was taking run ups! He was swinging his implements like a pitcher in a game of baseball. I can tell you now I have never been hit so hard repeatedly before.

But I climbed back onto the spanking bench. Why? Well clearly I’m crazy but I didn’t want it to be over yet.

The next strike with Animals oak paddle broke me.

My butt exploded.

Quite literally I’m told. He broke the skin and blood splattered everywhere.

I saw the paddle, caked in my blood. And of course, nothing pourous could then be used to hit me so instead of cooling down, I got my wounds tended and that was the end of the beating.

I don’t mind. I enjoy the warm ups and cool downs when they happen but I don’t desperately need them.

Animal did congratulate me.

“Well done.” He said, tapping my shoulder with pride.

I didn’t hear the question itself but I heard Animal and Miss T answering.

“We know Victoria can take it.”

“She plays hard so we can hit hard.”

“And we can trust her to say ‘No’ and communicate with us.”

I don’t remember who exactly said what but it made me smile.

Both Dominants smiled broadly and thanked me. It was a good way to celebrate, playing at the edges of my limits.

I don’t want to always play there. It’s not what I always want, playing within my limits is good but now and then stretching that, prodding at the impossibles and finding what I really can take is exhilarating.

I told Animal his big oak paddle was as close to a hard limit as I’ve come in a very long time, possibly ever.

And knowing these things makes me a better sub because I am informed. I’m garnering information that will help when I’m negotiating a scene with a Dom and helps me know myself all the more.

The thing is, I could and would have taken more, if my butt hadn’t exploded. Not as hard, that strike (which Animal assured me wasn’t his hardest) was the peak of the beating. I’d have happily taken a bit more at a lower intensity.

It amazes me how much I can take. I don’t want to test my limits again for a while now, I’m satisfied.

And the lasting pain is fantastic. My arse is on fire. I’m thoroughly enjoying my marks and bruises.

What a celebration.

Went out with a bang, literally!


PS I would recommend Miss T and Animal to anyone. They will play at your chosen level. They’re both big ol’ sadists so gleefully attack masochists such as me but also they’re professionals who want to make scenes work for you. I don’t want to put anyone off, they’re amazing at what they do. If you’re in or around Stockport at any time, check out Miss T’s events, they’re the best!